Quake 3: Team Arena

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All Files In Quake 3: Team Arena Models
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Models Fenrir

Quake 3: TeamArena Headmodel


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Models Gauss TA Head Pack #2

In this installment we get the Hazard Krew, two robotic nasties ready to chalk a couple of frags up for themselves.


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Models DeadSkull

DeadSkull (TA-Head) for Team Arena


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Models Joe The Fro Team Arena Head Model

That lovable Joe The Fro has gone pshyco and is laying waste to everyone. Better put him on your team today.


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Models Sounds for Titans Team for Team Arena

Optional sounds for the Titans teamfor team arena.


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Models Titans Team for Team Arena

This is the first New team for quake3team arena by the Brothers Grim, alongwith a talented skinning team.Dark horizon, OgroFix, ScoobyDoo.Sp...