Action Trip's Coverage of Quake 4 at E3

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Published by guyver3212 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Here's some interesting news I found on [url=""]Action Trip[/url] about their experiences and what they saw of Quake 4 during E3. Here's a snippit of the article. [quote]The game picks up right as Quake II ends. The Strogg leader has been defeated clearing the way for waves of marines to secure the final victory. This time you play Matthew Kane, a member of the Rhino Squad marine unit. As we watched the intro I was reminded of scenes from Starship Troopers and Aliens as the marines piled into drop ships far above the Strogg home world. As the small troop carries left the massive space ships, you could see trails of plasma fire as they arced away from the planet towards the mass of battleships above.[/quote] To read the full article click [url=""]HERE[/url]. I must say this indeed a very interesting read about Quake 4 and I believe that all Quake fans will like this article.
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