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User Slayer_2 has sent us this heads up for any modders out there wanting to help on his final project for Quake 4. [quote]Hello everyone. I am Adam MacDonald, also known as "Slayer_2" online. I am the author of Quake 4 Reborn and the Quake 4 Weapons Realism series as well as a few other minor mods and tweaks. I have decided to make one final mod. This one is hopefully going to be great and fresh. I have decided to stray from realism and go with nostalgia. I am going to make a Quake 2 mod for Quake 4. For example, the DMG will be repalced by the BFG 10K, there will be no reloading your guns, some weapons share ammo, etc. I may even try to add in items like Quake 2 had, but don't quote me on that. There may be some minor graphic changes, but it'll still look pretty much the same. Also, all the weapons will be from Quake 2 except the hand-grenades. Why am I posting an article about "my" mod you wonder. The answer is really quite simple, I may be a decent modder, but I have no skill with the more graphical side of things. I am hoping a person or two will come forward and offer their help with this mod. Any help is of course appreciated and very welcome, but what I want to make this mod the best it can would be some people who have experience in the following catagories: Position 1, Particle effects: the Dark matter should probably look more like BFG plasma as well as a few other things to do with particle effects. Position 2, Modelling: For example I want to replace the lightning-gun with a double-barreled shotgun. Position 3, Mapping: Or more specificlly, editting the map files to change the entities and a few minor tweaks to levels. For example, the first machinegun you get should be changed into a shotgun to stay true to Quake 2's design. Position 4, Scripting: I got this one. Position 5, Sound design: I can do this one if ABSOLUTLY necessary, but if a pro wants to take care of it, I'd be very thankful. If you can help in any area listed or just want to help ease my burden of checking through file after file to change one little fragment of code, I'd love the help. It is preferable that you have played Quake 2, but not necessary. You can catch me at: [email protected] All help will be credited and given access to the latest version of the mod, so when you're tired of modding, you can do my favorite part and test it out :) Also, David, if you're still out there, please contact me. I am wondering where you've gone. Cheers guys, and I hope we can make this mod the best.[/quote]

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