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Dark Spirits Media Release

By Ronnie 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Our Mod is moving to Quake4, here is our second media release. All the content we have made for Doom 3 is going to be ported over to Quake 4. This release show shows our concept for The Moon Federation Marines and a Map we are working on. Here is part of the storyline: In 2098 Earth is left a toxic wasteland by a terrorist attack on a new type of Plasma Reactor. This attack killed most life on earth and turned it into a dead world covered with barren wasteland. It also left the outer colonies without a ruling government. The explosion’s shock wave travelled through the solar system rendering long range communication impossible. Many ships and colonies were left without support and many vanished never to be heard from again. Now two years on from the explosion the colonies are on the brink of war over the limited resources. The three main powers are the Mars Empire, Jupiter Confederation and MF (Moon Federation). Moon Federation: Last part of Earths once mighty army and Armada has been forced to call the moon there home. Well armed and well trained Marines and Pilots make the MF the best trained and equipped army in the war but have a very small population compared to the other two factions. Mars Empire: a faction with the greatest military power. It is ruled by a fascist leader that uses his army to prevent an uprising. There are rumours of secret experiments and many people have simply vanished without a trace. Jupiter Confederation: Jupiter is a high-tech faction that relies on convert tactics and superiour technology to gain an edge in battle. Not much is know about this faction and where they got their technology remains unknown.

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