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The folks over at Moddb.com reviewed the mod [url="http://quake4.filefront.com/file/HardQore_Beta_build;71207"]HardQore[/url]. For those that do not know or remember what HardQore is, its a 2D sidescrolling action packed mod. Anyways this is what was said in the review: [quote] HardQore starts by engulfing the player in utter carnage. One second, you're waiting patiently for the mod to begin. The next thing you know there's an explosion, the sound of a dirty guitar riff pummelling your ears and an absolute warzone awaiting the inevitable pile of dead bodies that you are about to create. The actual gameplay is extremely simple and reminiscent of old school side-scrollers like Duke Nukem and Metal Slug, with the character being moved from left to right across the screen, firing round after round of ammunition into the face of suicidal enemies. This mechanic will make it or break it for most players. You'll either find the retro nature of the mod to be endearing, addictive and above all fun, or monotonous, overly simplistic and above all dull.[/quote] Check out the full review at [url="http://features.moddb.com/292/hardqore-review/"]moddb.com[/url] [url="http://quake4.filefront.com/file/HardQore_Beta_build;71207"]Also be sure to download the mod![/url]
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