Houston Vehicles Online Quake 4 Review

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Published by Alex84 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
[url="http://www.houstonvehicles.com/"]Houston Vehicles Online[/url] have posted a review of quake 4 rating it 4 out of 5, Take a peek: [quote] Quake 4 is an id software franchise but rather than development taking place at id, they handed the reigns off to their good friends at Raven software, who have completed many titles based on id's technology. It really shows that Raven understands the technology well and how to harness it. Quake 4 is based on the Doom 3 engine with a technique called 'Mega Texture' added to the mix so that large outdoor areas can be created. Suffice it to say the environments look amazing and every little area is packed with textures making the areas feel very complete. Raven definitely had a lot of artists working on Quake 4 and it shows. Some artwork symbols from Quake 2 are still in Quake 4. Not overused and it was nice seeing them. Players will also be happy to hear that you can actually attach your flashlight to your gun now, unlike in Doom 3 where it was either or, a big frustration for many doom 3'ers. The flashlight only attaches onto 2 weapons: The pistol and machine gun. ImageYou'll start off in the game in an outdoor area. Looking around the environment on the first level the game designers did a very good job in keeping with the Quake 2 look and feel in the architecture. I loved walking into the main base than looking up and seeing the red flags. They brought me back to the first level of Quake 2 with those flags for a second. You're equipped with the first weapon you get in the game, the trusty hand pistol. It's not exactly a great weapon but better weapons will come along as you progress through the game. You meet up with an NPC (non player character) that you talk to for a bit. Get used to doing this as you'll meet up with them throughout the game and your orders and next objective will come from them. The objectives are clearly given to you by the NPC's throughout the game. If you're unsure of what your current objective is, all you have to do is hit tab to get a reminder. I found this very helpful as the objectives were clear and you weren't running around levels for hours hunting for something. The first objective is to find the medic that was at the original landing. Clear and concise. No confusion. The NPC's will also join in with you to fight. Their in-game AI is very good. They will not run so far ahead as to get themselves killed or caught in a doorway. At times they will run ahead of you but will kneel in front of a doorway and wait for you. [/quote] To read the full article please visit Houston Vehicles Online by clicking [url="http://www.houstonvehicles.com/content/view/413/38/"]here[/url].
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