Quake 2: Lost Marine!

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Published by Ronnie 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
In an interview with GameSpy back in 2003, John Carmack made waves in gaming news with the mention of wanting to do a Quake 2 Remix within the DOOM 3 Engine. This triggered the hunger of the gaming community in hopes that a Quake 2 in DOOM 3 vision would eventually see the light of day. That's where Thearrel 'Kiltron' McKinney stepped in and began working on this project full time. Now the project involves a small team of talent driven on making that vision a reality. This project is for John Carmack who consistently leads the industry in taking us closer to a more immersive gaming experience, and for the gaming community as a whole. Quake 2: Lost Marine is a Total Conversion for DOOM 3. The mod is recreating the Quake 2 experience in a whole new light through it's Single Player and Multiplayer components. The aim is to give players a whole new Quake 2 experience and not just a remake of the original. While you may experience some gameplay from the original, most of the experiences are completely new. We have done away with linear gameplay and have given the player multiple ways to deal with situations. This is Quake 2 the way we want to see Quake 2 done within the DOOM 3 engine. While many people have speculated what this project is all about, what it's intentions are, and what the goals for the project might be, the team are going to distill those theories right here. - This mod is not a direct port of Quake 2 into DOOM 3. - No assets from Quake 2 have been used. They have created this from scratch. - They are not recreating a faithful Quake 2 clone. This has almost all new gameplay. - They are not recreating the whole game. - They are not selling this game. - They are not designing to resemble Quake 4. This is there own vision. - They are not in a competition against other mods.
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