Quake 4 Files Looking for Staff

19 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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The Quake 4 Staff is running a bit dry these days so here we go again looking for helpfull staff that would like to help keep site up and running. We are currently looking for two file posters and one more news poster. If you are interested in joining the staff please [url="http://quake4.filefront.com/info/volunteer"]volunteer[/url]. Requirements: -Must have proper English grammar and spelling. -Has a broadband internet connection. -Able to check up on the site at least once a day. -Must have Quake 4 Remember we are looking for: [b]Two File Posters One News Poster[/b] [url="http://quake4.filefront.com/info/volunteer"]Apply to Volunteer[/url] Thanks, Death Dream

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