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Quake 4 Fortress

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Quake 4 Fortress is a new mod which was just announced in the community and it's looks great. Currently the team is trying to recruiting talented developers so that they can get even futhur into production. They also have a bunch of screenshots and models for you to see at on their website. Here's what they said: [quote]Thats right, folks. Q4F is LIVE! The development team behind Doom 3 Fortress has moved to Quake 4 and is back working hard on Q4F. We actually regathered after seeing Quake4 ourselves at QuakeCon, but are just now going public. D3F was put on hiatus shortly after Doom3's SDK released. Doom3's multiplayer capabilites just weren't what we had hoped for, and decided to wait for a game to take better advantage of the Doom3 engine and its multiplayer. Well Quake 4 is just what we've been waiting for. Not only has the Quake series been the home of TF since the original released in '96, but with the new additions to the engine and its multiplayer, we decided now was better then ever. It was hard passing up the HL2 engine, but we felt because of possible legal issues with Valve, competing with Valves own eventual TF release (be it TF2 or TFC:S), losing alot of work (everything but models) that had been done under the Doom3 engine, and another team starting up a TF mod already (the now great talent behind Fortress Forever), we decided to hold off. At that time, Quake4 was a mere rumor, but it was our next goal and we constantly prayed for it. Our prayers were eventually answered and now Q4 is only a short time (hopefully weeks) away. Q4F has changed some since Doom3. Our highest goal now is to focus on playerbase. That means making a new player friendly TF. While those of us that have been playing TF for years will still enjoy Q4F, it seems the playerbase in our community has dwindled. Our goal is to "dumb down" TF a bit. New players seem turned off by having to learn everything themselves. They want some sorta tutorial if its difficult and they want clear directions to objectives. We're keeping this all in mind. Now, nothing is 100% certain yet, but the more into development we get, the more info we'll release about this. So now everyone, even the players that have never played a TF mod before, can look forward to jumping right into Q4F without much struggle and hop right into battle with the best of them. With that said, you might want to read the FAQ and Info pages even if you already had on the D3F website. They'll both be updated constantly as new development becomes public. Don't forget our forum, its the best place to ask us questions, to discuss Q4F and your love for TF, to give your ideas on how you think something should be, to post screenshots and talk about a map your developing, to read our development journals, or to just shoot the shit with the rest of them! Also, our forum features TEAM COLORS! Yay! Just sign up, and under your profile you can change the forum style... you can choose from red(default), blue, green, and yellow! So join our discussion and have some fun! And now, for the part you've all been waiting for... new, previously unreleased, content! First are the most kick ass player models you've ever seen (to be sure!). They are renders of the medic and soldier done by Mesp. 2nd are shots of a new map started by nib and being finished by myself, Engineer Battle (engbat). And last, but definatly not least, are updated shots of 3j's The Rock, a remake of the popular map rock2 by Sgt. Thundercock. Our other previously released content can be seen in our Media section. We're a little behind getting the grenade and weapon models up, but they will be there shortly. So check back soon. Stick around, check back frequently, hang out with us in #Q4F on irc.GameSurge.net, and join our forum discussion. We look forward to getting to know you all better and hope you like what we have in store for you in the furture. Now enough of my blabbering... Enjoy the new screenies! :) [/quote] You should head to the Quake 4 Fortress website to find out more about this mod. It's looking great guys!

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