Quake 4 Patch Plans

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Published by Ronnie 16 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
id Software has word on the next patch to be released for Quake 4. This patch is said to be released before QuakeCon 2006. Here's the word: With the upcoming release of the QUAKE 4 1.3 Point Release we’re making great strides in tuning and tweaking the QUAKE 4 multiplayer gaming experience based on feedback from the people playing it the most. We’re implementing a number of community requested features and actual gameplay changes to QUAKE 4 gameplay which will provide a faster, smoother, and more highly competitive experience that we hope particularly appeals to those playing QUAKE 4 regularly and/or competitively, but also makes the game even more fun for new players. You can expect increased mobility and control, improved performance with ambient lighting options, and weapon alterations that advance playability and challenge competitive players. We’ve noticed several LAN and competitive events considering what games to use for their future events, and we would encourage players and organizers to give 1.3 a try – we think you’ll like it. We feel these competition friendly changes, coupled with an all-new gametype, a new weapon, and several professionally made maps will extend the life of QUAKE 4 for all players. We’re currently in a small, private beta test of the point release and hope to have it out publicly sometime before QuakeCon.
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