Quake Wars Screenshots and Interview

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Published by Ronnie 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Paul Wedgwood talks Quake Wars. "Throughout all this, the key word is "teamplay". Wedgwood says it a lot. Of course there is some scope for personal achievement - an experience points system, which is being worked on at the moment, carries through each campaign, and Wedgwood promises it won't be as simplistic as something like CTF assists. "You can't just stand next to a flag and bank some points." They're also toying with the idea of persistent ranks. But it is a team game first and foremost. With absolutely no single-player in the box. As to what is in the box, there's talk of 12 maps, although they may cut or add maps right up to the last minute, and Wedgwood's quite clear about why: "It doesn't matter if we've spent six months on one, if we're not happy with it and it's not fun we're not going to ship it," he states." New screenshots below.
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