Stermy Interviewed Before i30 Q4 Tournament

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Over at Gotfrag Liam "crow" Crowley got to interview Stermy (pictured below), one of the big names at the i30 Q4 Tournament. The interview will go over some of the competition that Stermy will be facing and the decision to implement the Quake 4 1.4.1 beta patch at the last minute.
Focussing on the issues that have been discovered with the patch, have you been using it for the last few days and did you notice anything major, for example you mention the movement? Yeh you can now see that some jumps are impossible, on Galang for example on the ramp to the megahealth you can't just jump it any more. Hopefully they will fix it in time for the next event though. I have been practicing this patch for only two days really. Other than the problems you mention the new patch has also made some significant changes to the lightning gun, do you feel it is now more powerful? Actually no, there is a bug on Linux servers where it is extremely powerful but that is just a bug. The shaft, in my opinion is better in 1.3 than the way we have it now, I dunno if that's just because of the hit boxes but the range is now shorter and it's ok as long as you play on Windows servers.
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