The Ancient Truth Mod Update #2

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The Mechanical Brain SoftWorks has released another update for their mod: The Ancient Truth. For those that do not know about this mod, its a single player game that picks up where the original Quake 4 ended to find out the "Ancient Truth". What I found the most interested was the Q and A. [quote] Q: How will last approximately the adventure? A: The idea is currently on the duration of the first expansion of Half-Life2 (Episode 1), from 2 to 4 hours or so. Q: On which environments will take place the story? A: Several, there will be internal and external environments, most of the mod will take place in a base and in a rocky environment. Q: Will we be accompanied by othrs soldiers for some parts of the mod? A: The idea is to be always with 3 other soldiers, in some areas, few though, the player will be alone. Q: At what difficulty level is set the mod? A: Middle (regular), for now we have not thought to implement multiple levels of difficulty. Q: The main character is still Kane? A: No, the protagonist is another soldier being part of a squad of elite soldiers sent to Stroggos after the defeat of the Makron. Q: How many weapons will be amended or introduced? A: So far we have the machinegun, the shotgun and the Hyper Blaster renovated, while there are some new weapons like the gun (Super Blaster), grenades, the chiungun and at least another weapon in development, perhaps 2. Plus you will be able to use the Napalm Launcher, which was added in the last patch of the game, in the campaign. Q: The soldier's suit is different only aesthetically or will be renewed under some technical point? A: The new suit, in addition to the aesthetics remake, will have something more technical like the night vision and a "renewed" Shield. [/quote] The team is currently looking for more coders and level designers. For the full update head over to moddb where they have some sound clips and more screenshots at:
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