Weekly Poll Results - What do you look for in a game?

By Hfx-Rebel 14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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What do you look for in a game?

Storyline! (For SP) It's gotta bring me into the game! 48.6% (36)

Gameplay! Everything else can suck, but it better not be laggy! 29.7% (22)

Graphics! It's gotta look awesome! 8.1% (6)

Maps! Most important, the maps have to well made. 6.7% (5)

Other. Explain. 6.7% (5)

Total: 74
Start: 12-15-2008 18:31
Last: 12-28-2008 14:24

 #1 - Posted by: fraggles (Member) on 12-21-2008 at 18:30
Other - Everything, but I favor gameplay and storyline the most.

 #2 - Other - Posted by: Doom3fan (Member) on 12-22-2008 at 14:00
#1 Ditto, but the the maps have to be pretty good too. Some maps, even in games like the Half-Life Series, really suck and are boring.

 #3 - Posted by: fizzyCOKE (Member) on 12-28-2008 at 14:25
It cant be just one- its all of them.halo3 and call of duty(4 & 5) are good examples


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