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Capture the Flag The Fallen Shrine III

"The Fallen Shrine III" is a Multiplayer CTF and Arena CTF map and supports a full loadout of 16 players. It's designed more specifically fo...


Capture the Flag CTF Dustystyle

This is a Capture the Flag Map for 2-4 Players. (up to 8 Players). Looks quite nice, lots of open spaces to frag.


Capture the Flag CTF Space

Map showing off his work, this map is still in beta and I am sure the author would love feedback.


Capture the Flag CTF Faceoff

This is a great map, its very fun in ctf mode and there are a number of tricks you can do on it (I'll let you figure them out). I played...


Capture the Flag Old School

Old school Q3 ctf map, Built from scratch no conversions, and its to scale. For those people who can't just let Q3 go. It will no doubt loo...


Capture the Flag Falke's CTF 1

The level is medium sized, so best suited for 2-8 players. You can find more information in the readme


Capture the Flag ChaosPit

This is a new CTF map (also supports TDM). It is based around (you guessed it) a pit of doom (or chaos). It looks like a cool map, so get...


Capture the Flag Delta CTF

This a large terrain based Capture The Flag map, it also has the walker and hovertank included as a means of transport,Go download this.


Capture the Flag Pro Bliptourney 1

This map is a remake of the original 'bliptourney1'. I spent many long nights testing and reworking/wrecking the original into this versio...


Capture the Flag Camper crossings ][

A very well done CTF map that brings back some old school Quake 3 to Quake 4.


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Capture the Flag Dueling Keeps

Dueling Keeps, originally for Quake 3, has now made its way over to Quake 4 in a classy new look. The map has been striped of the colors red...


Capture the Flag No Remorse

This map combines a little bit of old mixed with the new.


Capture the Flag Apportion

A fast pace gothic space map.


Capture the Flag q4wcp18final

This is a remake of the small fast paced q3wcp18. There are a few alterations to facilitate gameplay for quake4 and yes the area behind the...


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Capture the Flag Juicy Courtyard Surprise

This build fixes some weapon errors which were apparently present in the previous one.


Capture the Flag q4w2 CTF Map

This is a remake of the highly overplayed map q3w2 by 3wave. There are a few alterations to facilitate gameplay I think this maps runs...


Capture the Flag q4wcp9c Clanbase Update

This map is a modified version for the Clanbase 2006 Open Cup.


Capture the Flag Kittens Crossings

This is another map which is converted from Quake 3. It's a wooden log of a Quake 4 player who will remain nameless.


Capture the Flag Q4eg CTF1

Remake- a fab 2x2 map played all the time in Quake 3..everyone NEEDS some 2x2 maps ;)


Capture the Flag Q4 q3ctf3

This is another remake of a popular Quake 3 map. If you liked Quake 3 then you will definately like this map.


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Capture the Flag BelleauWood

Another CTF map made by KL Sylvester. This map is pretty unusal and it makes for a good 3x3 or 4x4 map. There are lots of things to explore.


Capture the Flag CTF Dragon

This map is the 1st ever made by KL Dragon, a fast paced Q4 CTF for 3s or 4s--you'll never catch your breath


Capture the Flag DaHood

An original map made by KL Sylvester- A Urban-unusal and a good 4x4 map.


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Capture the Flag Stronghold

A CTF Q3 Favorite-remade by KL Dragon--Stronghold. As you can see, the textures are Quake 3 quality which is not that much of a treat to the...


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