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All Files In Quake 4 Mini-Mods
Mini-Mods Militia MP Pack

Adds projectile lights, New grendade/rocketlauncher explosions. Single player teleporter. Flashlight and tracers.


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Mini-Mods X Battle Mod

Small mod which changes a couple of things: - All 3 game startupintros removed - Extended HUD ( thx to SoRDiD-DDT ) : - Weaponswitch re...


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Mini-Mods EKM

This mod adds and removes some stuff from Quake 4. -Brightskins -No Smoketrails on Rockets -Lower MGun Sounds -Bright Grenades -LGun...


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Mini-Mods DC Guns

This mod comes with 5 moded weapons -Machinegun w/grenade launcher -Machinegun w/grenade launcher2 -Shotgun slug gun w/grenade launcher...


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Mini-Mods EKM

This mod adds and removes some stuff from Quake 4. -Brightskins -No Smoketrails on Rockets -Lower MGun Sounds -Bright Grenades -LGun...


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Mini-Mods BoostedQ4

Boosted_Q4 is a small mod for quake 4. This mod allows you to use rocketjump, grenadejump etc. Increased gamespeed, health, armour etc.


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Mini-Mods 30 Seconds Body Fix

Littler fix that lets the dead body lie on the ground between 30 and 9999 seconds without them vanishing immediately in air.


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Mini-Mods q4gib v1.21

This is a railgun only mod. So if your a fan of those one shot kills this is your game type. Changed from v1.20 - Edited the main menu b...


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Mini-Mods Logo Crosshair

This small mod gives you the q4logo as crosshair in all colors and sizes!


Mini-Mods Q4Gib Instagib Mod

Q4GIB is a simple Quake IV Instagib mod that's Railgun based, All weapon, items, ammo and power up spawns are disabled only the Haste power...


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Mini-Mods Gankmod 2.0

This mod features: No smoketrails on rockets and nades and nailgun Lowered railgun effect OSP style hit hitsounds Instant zoom Lower...


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Mini-Mods SP weapons MP mod

This mod changes weapons behaviour in MP to SP like and spawns player with blaster pistols as well..Also including small mod for both SP and...


Mini-Mods Dark Bloody Strogg Kane

I wasn't very impressed with Stroggified-Kane orange colour theme so I darkened it with a blue tint and added a few blood splatters over hi...


Mini-Mods Q4MAX

Q4MAXl focus heavily on creating a comprehensive list of enchancements such as MVD support, enhanced Netcode, stats improvements, and much m...


Mini-Mods moraels_q4_tweaks_howto

I've been fiddling with minor game modifications for a little while now, but never released anything to the public. When Doom3 came out, I...


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Mini-Mods Gankmod 2.0a U-comp

This newly updated version of Gankmod 2.0a U-comp (ultra competition) mod for quake4 has got some great new changes: Nice fps boost as we...


Mini-Mods APA Quake-N-Strafe 3 in 1

Just like the old days for Quake 3 now back into Quake 4. Badfish has made another one of his strafing maps that everyone liked to screw aro...


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Mini-Mods militia Ai

Want to play Quake 4 single player again but want it to be more challenging? This mod makes it 3 times harder!



This mod allows you to do small things with Quake 4 like remove smoke trials off of rockets and other things. More to come when the SDK is r...


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Mini-Mods Expressive Overkill Mod

The mod was inspired by Mr. Pants Q3 Excessive.The mod have same things with it. When you load Q4Expressive mod, -First you can see one...


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Mini-Mods Trick Jumpers Friend v1.0 Mod

This is the real release of TJF as TJFv0.1 was a bit unstable with its bugs and all. TJF is a Quake 4 modification which allows the player t...


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Mini-Mods Gankmod

Changes in 2.0c - New brightskin colors thats stand out more on all surfaces without having one overpower the other. The number one com...


Mini-Mods X-Battle

Q4 X-Battle in its current version is a service modification for quake4. It was and will be designed for competition uses like ladders, leag...


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Mini-Mods Quake 4 World Beta 2

The whole idea is to have a game really fast, where movements can make the decision in a fight, and not only aiming. Where controlling a spe...