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Multi Territorial Dispute

Territorial Dispute comprises 3 main areas – 1 large arena and 2 split-level atriums that are connected to the arena via a network of tunnel...


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Multi FragArcade Q41v1 Top 11 Map Pack

This file contains the 3 maps which won the contest and 8 more of the best maps. 1st place: Cobalt by wviperw 2nd place: Ruiner by Lukin...


Multi Dead Simple Redux

Deathmatch map designed for multiple gametypes. One of the best maps I have seen. Give it a try.


Multi DM Garage B1

It's his first map developed for Quake 4. This map is small yet o so sweet. Designed for 3 gametypes, DM, TDM und Tourney.


Multi Fresh N Clean

If you are not familiar with this map, Fresh N Clean is originally for Quake III Arena. Quake 4 textures are included and he made it look mo...


Multi Gubctf

CTF and Arena CTF map also supports DM and Team DM. Map looks alright, nothing too fancy. Download if you like.



These are my first maps, I learned a lot creating these maps, and I think they are quite good for training aim and combat tactics (instant g...


Multi Orbit

High paced tourney map for Q4. Game type: 1v1, ffa Single Player : No Player load: 1v1, 2 - 4 Weapons...


Multi Mash-Up Streets

Mash-Up Streets is an official promo map of Muggs Mash-Up Radio. Game Type: Tourney, Deathmatch and Team DM


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Multi FragArcade Q41v1 All Entries Map Pack

This mappack contains all 22 maps which were submitted into the FragArcade-Q41v1-Mapping-Contest.


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Multi FragArcade Q41v1 Top 3 Map Pack

This map pack is comprised of 3 maps of people who participated in the FragArcade mapping contest. 1st place: Cobalt by wviperw 2nd plac...


Multi Q4 Lavaman Maps

Maps included : The Lost Yard (DM) Based on a old Quake3 layout, made from scratch Church of the Anti Quake (DM,TDM)i made this map...


Multi Placebo Effect

Placebo Effect is a map that was first intended for CPMA, but by a series of unfortunate events (read: real life), got pushed off until now....


Multi Lukin's Map Pack

A re-release of Lukin's popular maps "Galang", "Monsoon", "Ruiner", and "A Man Called Sun". The 1.1 patch for "Quake 4" changed t...


Multi Kats Basket

At just under 15MB is contains a lot of custom content including a new jump pad and weapon marker, as well as a usable 'lava' texture, all...


Multi Phase 2

Good looking CTF map which could come straight from Unreal Tournament 2004. All the textures are high quality and 3 vs 3 is recommended.


Multi Ugly Railgun Arena

Small Quake 4 map which is more or less designed for 1 vs 1 duel. You should be able experience a lot of fun on this map. See screenshot bel...


Multi Krater1

A dark Cavern on the planet Krater lined with ancient ruins and future technologies. Find the secret relic of the ancients to gain an advant...


Multi Grinder

Grinder is a fast paced 1 vs 1 map for tourney play. Set in an industrial theme, this map provides constant fast-paced gameplay.


Multi FragoBhoPoPolis

Overall I think it turned out quite nice, we have been testing the level at work and have been moving around on alot of items but I think th...


Multi Counterblast

Started as a quick map, did the layout in a day and used another day or two to texture and detail it, and realized that the map was kinda ni...


Multi Grinder v3

This is the final version of Grinder. The screenshots below depict the map's quality.


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Multi Grinder

Grinder is a fast paced 1 vs 1 map for tourney play. Set in an industrial theme, this map provides constant fast-paced gameplay.


Multi Quake 4 Community Map Pack Submissions

This map pack released by ID Software has put compiled the 34 maps that the community submitted. Each map is different sporting its own flav...