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Tourney Bliptourney

Yet another excellent map. This map is medium sized and is designed for tourney gameplay. Lots of space to move around and also lots of oppo...


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Tourney Pro Doctors Beta

Tournament edition of "NO DOCTORS" original q4dm6. Added a couple spawn points. Moved a problematic spawn point that was in lower Mega Hea...


Tourney Galang

A very well done map made by Lukin. Everythign in this map balanced out complete with some blood.


Tourney Galang (Including Remix Version)

This map is a small map based for close combat in tourney mode of the game. The focus of this map is more on the placement of the items and...


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Tourney Sturmernte

Sturmernte is a small and very fast Quake 4 Tourney map. It was build from scratch in about 3 months. The graphics turned out fairly nice, i...


Tourney Prison Abuse

DM Tourney designed for 4 players. The textures have a bit of a rusty look which looks really good. Download this!