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This is multiplayer mod for Quake 4 that balances weapons to make combat more fast'n'furious, brings some single player game features into m...


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This is multiplayer mod for Quake 4 that balances weapons to make combat more fast'n'furious, brings some single player game features into multiplayer (like reloading, flashlight, guided nails and rockets), and adds new weapons: flamethrower, poison grenades, ESG and Shredder.

New in version 1.3: -Copatibile with Quake 4 v.1.3 -Blaster in multiplayer has to be removed, as 1.3 code limits weapon slots to 11 and the last one was already taken by napalm gun. -New bugs thanks to ID :P -Weapon replacements' names fixed.

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Download '' (2.94MB)

ULFR's Amoq4 mod v.1.3.

Character of mod:
This is multiplayer mod for Quake 4 that balances weapons to make combat more fast'n'furious, brings some single player game features into multiplayer (like reloading, flashlight, guided nails and rockets), and adds new weapons: flamethrower, poison grenades, ESG and Shredder.

This version is compatibile with Quake 4 v.1.3 final. Also, being pure scriptwork (no .dll's present), this mod should be compatibile with most of other mods supporting Q4 v.1.3 (those, that does not interfere with Amoq4 features, like for example Sabot bot).

A computer, Quake 4 game with 1.3 patch installed, and an IQ of no less than 85.

Make a folder in your x:\Quake4\ directory named amoq4, unzip there, and then run it as ordinary mod.
For dummies: to run a mod click 'mods' in main menu (near the left-bottom of the screen), select nice, red inscription 'ULFR's Amoq4 mod v.1.3' and click 'load'.

If you encounter any problems in running that mod, it could mean that you do not meet one of the requirements listed above :P

List of changes:

Weapon changes:


Direct damage: amount of damage to non-armored opponent at direct shot.
Splash damage: X/Y - first value is amount of damage to non-armored opponent from nearby explosion of projectile, the next value is radius of explosion.
Firerate: the lower value, the weapon shoots faster. Eg.: '1' means weapon shoots 1 time per second, '0.1' means it shoots 10 times per second.

Basic Quake 4 armament:

(1) Gauntlet
Gauntlet is now much deadlier. I say: if you manage to sneak so close to the enemy, you deserve to get a frag.
-Damage: 100 (increased from: 50)
-Range: 64 (increased from: 48)

(2) Machinegun
Mg is now more decent weapon, so you're ready to kill as soon you're spawned. However, you start with less ammo. Also, flashlight is now available. Useful feature in that tunnel beneath 'over the edge' map.
-Damage: 9 (increased from: 7), zoomed: 12 (increased from: 10)
-Damage in team game: 7 (increased from: 5), zoomed: 12 (increased from: 7)
-Firerate: 0.1 (Q4 default)
-Clip capacity: 30
-Start ammo: 60, box: 30, max: 90

(3) Shotgun
Damage remains intact, but it shoots a little faster. Also, spread was reduced. This baby is ready to score some frags.
-Damage: 10x10 (Q4 default)
-Spread: 600 (decreased from: 700)
-Firerate: 0.8 (increased from: 1)
-Clip capacity: 6
-Start ammo: 12, box: 6, max: 18

(4) Hyperblaster 
Damage reamains intact. Projectile speed has been incerased, minimal spread added.
-Damage: 14 direct (Q4 default), 10/35 splash (Q4 default)
-Firerate: 0.08 (Q4 default)
-Projectile speed: 2000 (increased from: 1800)
-Spread: 2 (increased from: 0)
-Clip capacity: 30
-Start ammo: 60, box: 30, max: 90

(5) Grenade launcher
Since it's usage is more difficult than rocket launcher, I considered it fair to make GL stronger.
-Damage 125 (increased from: 100), 125/150 splash (increased from: 100/150)
-Firerate: 0.8 (Q4 default)
-Clip capacity: 5
-Start ammo: 10, box: 5, max: 15

(6) Nailgun
Seeking nails are now available in zoom mode, but they are significantly weaker, as this feature is somewhat lame. Also, clip size is is rather low, so don't forget to reload often, and try not to get stuck on dryfire during combat.
-Damage: 30 direct, 30/75 splash (Q4 default)
-Seeking nails in zoomed mode added, with 10 direct damage and 10/50 splash.
-Firerate: 0.15 (increased from: 0.16)
-Zoom added
-Lock range: 1500
-Clip capacity: 20
-Start ammo: 40, box: 20, max : 60

(7) Rocket launcher
Damage remains intact, only it has less ammo. Also, laser guided missiles are available in zoomed mode. This is lame feature, but guided rockets are so slow that it is more for fun than to gain an actual edge over enemies. This weapon does not need reloading.
-Damage: 100 direct, 100/120 splash (Q4 default)
-Firerate: 0.8 (Q4 default)
-Laser guided rockets in zoomed mode added, with default rocket damage.
-Start ammo: 6, box: 6, max: 20

(8) Railgun
Using rail is now a bit tricky. It shoots faster, but you have to reload after every 2 shots. Favors accuracy and wits.
-Damage: 100 (Q4 default)
-Firerate: 0.9 (increased from: 1.5)
-Clip capacity: 2
-Start ammo: 8, box: 8, max: 24

(9) Lightning gun
Damage remains intact, but beam range is greater. This weapon does not need reloading.
-Damage: 8 (Q4 default)
-Firerate: 0.05 (Q4 default)
-Range: 850 (increased from: 768)
-Start ammo: 60, box: 60, max: 180

(10) Dark matter gun
No changes other than start and max amount of ammo. This weapon does not need reloading.
-Damage: 200 direct, 100/768 splash (Q4 default)
-Firerate: 2 (Q4 default)
-Start ammo: 5, box: 5, max: 10

(11) Napalm Gun
Reloading added. Max amount of ammo changed.
-Damage: 80/180 (Q4 default)
-Firerate: 0.8 (Q4 default)
-Clip capacity: 10
-Start ammo: 10, box: 10, max: 30

Amoq4 weapon replacements:

(1) Flamethrower (replaces hyperblaster)
Well, this is a flamethrower now. It has appropriate sounds and fx, and deadly radius of splash damage allowing to fry multiple targets at once. You can set your adversaries on fire, when you manage to land a direct shot. Burning player gets 4 points of damage for 3 seconds for every direct shot he has taken.  Also, ignited fuel sticks to every surface and burns briefly, dealing some minor damage to everyone that is foolish enough to walk into it. Clip capacity is rather low, as it lasts only for 3 second of continous firing. Close range weapon. Note that you can damage opponents through the teleporters. Crush your enemies, set them on fire and watch them suffer!
-Damage: 4 direct (+4 burning damage for 3 seconds), 8/150 splash
-Firerate: 0.1
-Clip capacity: 30
-Start ammo: 60, box: 30, max: 90

(2) Poison Grenade launcher (replaces grenade launcher)
It launches poison grenades. Acid container explodes upon impact, making default Q4 grenade damage and surrounding area with deadly vapours. When you are poisoned, your vision is blurred, your body is shaking and you loose health for a brief period.
-Damage 100 (Q4 default), 100/100 splash (decerased from: 100/150)
-Firerate: 0.8 (Q4 default)
-Poison damage: 10 points for 5 seconds (this is max value, when standing in the center of the toxic cloud)
-Clip capacity: 5
-Start ammo: 10, box: 5, max: 15

(3) ESG / Exploding Spike Gun (replaces railgun)
This is actually inspired by analogical weapon from Awakening Mod for Quake 2 by Redchurch.
You gonna love this one! Upon firing, an exploding spike is launched at high velocity. When it hits the ground or a wall, it sticks onto its surface and explodes after one second, dealing default Q4 rocket splash damage in decent radius. However, if it hits an enemy, it burrows deep into his flesh and then, after 2 seconds, explodes. Looks very messy and does a lot of damage. This, combined with high rate of fire makes ESG a deadly weapon. You can either mine the ground / walls on path of your opponent or spike him with charges and watch his guts exploding.
-Damage: 50 direct (+50 damage from internal explosion after 2 seconds), 100/120 splash.
-Firerate: 0.3
-Clip capacity: 3
-Start ammo: 12, box: 12, max: 36

(4) Shredder (replaces nailgun)
Well, idea was to make weapon resembling Super Nailgun from Quake 1. Nails doesn't have splash damage anymore, but they are fired at ferocious rate and velocity. It's a deadly weapon once you master prediction of opponent's moves. Also, nails will bounce off from hard surfaces, making some interesting ricochets possible. Another nice feature of Shredder is its capability of sustaining continous fire for 6 seconds without reloading. Shredder does NOT have zoom mode or guided projectiles.
-Damage: 16 direct (decerased from: 30), 0/0 Splash (decerased from 30/75)
-Firerate: 0.1 (incerased from: .16)
-Projectile speed: 1800 (incerased from: 1200)
-Clip capacity: 60
-Start ammo: 120, box: 60, max: 180

Other changes:

(1) New main menu background screenshots and logo.

Optional features handling:

For your convenience mod's files were put into several .pak4 files. I understand that some people may like new weapon balance and reloading, while hating for example flamethrower. That's why I decided to put new weapons in separate .pak files, so if you don't like any of them, you can simply remove that weapon's files from Amoq4 directory. And so:
-Pak666_amoq4_v13_base_.pk4 contains all essential mod files. Features balanced native Q4 weapons, reloading, flashlights, and blaster. This file is required to run Amoq4 mod.
-Pak667_amoq4_v13_flameth.pk4 contains flamethrower weapon. Remove it from mod directory if you prefer hyperblaster.
-Pak668_amoq4_v13_poison.pk4 contains poison grenade launcher weapon. Remove it from mod directory if you prefer default Q4 grenade launcher.
-Pak669_amoq4_v13_esg.pk4 contains ESG weapon. Remove it from mod directory if you prefer railgun.
-Pak670_amoq4_v13_shredder.pk4 contains Shredder weapon. Remove it from mod directory if you prefer Q4 nailgun.
Also, separate weapon files will work without main mod file. So if you want for example ONLY ESG weapon without changing the rest of Q4 weapons, put that weapon's file into your x:\Quake4\q4base\ folder.
Note that separate weapon files CANNOT be distributed over internet without the rest of the mod in original .zip file.

Gameplay notes:
-This is multiplayer oriented mod, but some of its changes will affect single player mode as well, such as modified blaster damage, seeking nails' damage etc. Mind that this mod was NOT balanced for single player conditions. However, flamethrower and other weapons will be present in sp ( with additional hot-air fx), so you can fry some strogg meat.
-This mod was tested only with bots so far, so I don't know if it's 100% propely balanced for ordinary DM conditions with human adversaries. Gameplay is more hardcore now. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a lot playing it the way it is.
-Ammo hud remains mp-like. It shows only your total amount of ammo. It's good for weapons that does not need reloading (rocket launcher, lightning gun, dmg). Most of other weapons (machinegun, shotgun, flamethrower, nailgun) have lcd's with number of rounds in clip, so you will know when they need to be reloaded. In case of grenade launcher and railgun i suppose you're able to count to 5 and 2 :)
-Pay attention to your ammo amount, as it runs out quickly in Amoq4. Typically weapons come with two full clips. Every ammo crate holds another one. You can carry maximum of 3 clips at a time for most weapons. Exceptions are: railgun, rocket launcher, lightning gun and dmg.
-If enemy player dies from poison, burning damage or internal explosion dealt by you, 'you fragged...' message does not appear on your screen. Hoverer, in right-top corner his death is listed like this: <your name> <skull symbol> <enemy name>.

Well, me and a man called Locke (both Quake 3 veterans and mod developers) started playing Quake 4 one day. After few minutes we came to a conclusion that Q4 lacks the speed and mayhem of Q3, so I made few changes in .def files to better suit our playing needs. The game became noticeably better. Later on, I started to make other changes on my own, without consulting my friend. Reloading and new weapon balance added more depth to the gameplay, making it faster and deadlier, just the way I like it. I also tried to make a flamethrower that would be better than miserable "ignited plasma thrower" that was released on Q4 scene some time ago. Combining all those ideas together, I decided to put them in one mod. And so Amoq4 v.1.0 was born.
The day I released V.1.0 of my mod (on Fileshack and Q4files), I managed to make poison grenade launcher. Experiments with residual and on-time damage also taught me how to improve my flamethrower and make ESG weapon. So, I decided to add some more stuff and a new release of Amoq4 was ready.
The day Amoq4 1.2 was released it turned out that it is not compatibile with latest Q4 patch, 1.3. So I had to rewrite all of mod's features from scratch in 1.3 compatibile .def's. 

Known bugs:	
-Flamethrower's shots occasionally bounce off from bounce pads. Parameter "detonate_on_bounce 1" does not work. I'm out of ideas how to fix it.
-There are some problems with ammo names with new weapons, but i guess this is minor thing.
-Bots (talking about Stupid Angry Bot v.Alpha 8) sometimes get stuck on nailgun's dryfire. They will keep firing as long as they see an oponent, which prevents them from reloading. To end this, you must either get out of sight of a bot or simply kill him. Also, when they change weapon for blaster, they don't know how to use it. Lastly, some problems with reloading were reported.
-When you're killed while being poisoned, the poison counter remains after you respawn, damaging your health. Damage wears off after 5 seconds from poisoning and it is the only way of getting rid of it, so don't be so hasty with respawning if you've died from vapours. Similar effect occurs when you die while burning or being shot with ESG.
-Impressive medal is no longer appropriate award for your aiming skills when using ESG. Two hits are easily scored, especially due to fact that explosion splash damage is counted to accuracy. I removed the sound, but medal is still visible on your screen and above player's haed. I cannot do anything else on script level to fix this bug.
-Amount of ammo in clips does not reset after respawn (thanks for this goes to ID and their Q4 patch 1.3), so, for example, if you die with 1 round left in your grenade launcher, after respawning and taking grenade launcher again you will still have 1 round in your current clip. To prevent this effect reload all weapons before dying :P :P

Version history:

14.08.2006 - v.1.3:
-Copatibile with Quake 4 v.1.3
-Blaster in multiplayer has to be removed, as 1.3 code limits weapon slots to 11 and the last one was already taken by napalm gun.
-New bugs thanks to ID :P
-Weapon replacements' names fixed.

12.08.2006 - v.1.2: 
-Seeking nails' damage tuned down to 10 from 12. Was too lame.
-Setting enemies and ground on fire added to flamethrower, direct damage tuned down from 15 to 4, but it is recompensated by burning and residual damage. Also, changed fx for better visibility.
-Poison grenades added. Direct and splash damage of a grenade returned to Q4 default from 125 direct and 125/150 splash in V.1.0
-Shredder added to replace Nailgun.
-ESG weapon added to replace Railgun.
-Mod's files were divided into several separate .pk4's for user convenience.
-New main menu background screenshots and logo.

07.08.2006 - v.1.1 - Not released

06.08.2006 - V.1.0 - First Public release

Tested on/with:
-Athlon 3200xP, 1GB RAM, N-force chipset mainboard, Ge Force 6800 LE
-Quake 4 V.1.3 final
-Works with Stupid Angry Bot mod v.Alpha 10

Thanks to:
-Jarad "TinMan" Hansen for making Stupid Angry Bot, which became my beta tester and only Q4 companion lately :P


There is always some room for improvement, so if you have any suggestions on how to get this mod better, don't hesitate to share them with me. Mail to:
I'm NOT answering "how to do this or that" type questions.

Permission to use in mods / distribution / modification:
You have permission to distribute this mod over the internet as long as you get no money from it and you keep the original zip file intact.
You do NOT have a permission to use any of mod's files in your own mods. If you want to do so, first contact me via e-mail to get a permission.
You do NOT have a permission to modificate and then redistribute any of mod's files. If you want to do so, first contact me via e-mail to get a permission.

Hundreds of bots were harmed, mutilated and eviscerated in the making of this mod.

LAW team's spirit is still alive :) at least half of it :P

ULFR, 14.08.2006

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