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This will however be the last update for a while since I'm running out of ideas for the shader and I'm having other ideas for other mods....


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This will however be the last update for a while since I'm running out of ideas for the shader and I'm having other ideas for other mods. So I'll be moving on to work on some different mods for a while.

For the 0.50 version I rewrote the lighting, now the used method is reflection vector rather than the previous halfangle vector. This is a much more accurate method as illustrated in the screenshots. Notice that the screens now compare the 0.50 version to 0.40, not the original Quake 4 shader.

Other subject discussed in the comments has been the perfomance. I made a quick test running my Geforce 6800GT at 1600x1200 4xAA. The demo1 timedemo score fell 14% for the 0.40 version and 20% for the 0.50 version. The 0.50 has probably doubled the fragment program lenght and yet there is only 20% penalty for performance. The modern GPUs are very efficiently pipelined indeed.

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Brilliant highlights
Ver 0.50b


What is it?

A modified shader for Quake 4 (Doom 3 and RoE as a separate mod) that enhances the appearance of lights and bumpmaps.

New for version 0.50

- HQ specular highlights.	Redesigned the halfangle based system to a reflection vector system; true per pixel accuracy. 


- Dynamic highlights. 	Using the original specular mapping from the game, bhmod adjusts the highlight falloff separately per pixel.
- Highlight masking. 	As in the built-in shader, the specular map is also used to mask the highlights from less shiny surfaces. 

- Compatibility. 	Any hardware capable of the ARB 2.0 path can run this mod. 

- Performance. 		BH mod favours math power over memory bandwidth as this is the current trend.


On a Geforce 6800GT running at 1600x1200 4xAA BHmod 0.40 was roughly 14% slower and 0.50 was 20% slower than the doom3 default shader.

So how do I install?

Option A: Create a folder to your Quake 4 directory (name it "bhmod" for example) and extract this package there. You can then access the mod trough the Quake 4 mods menu. Use this option if you play online (servers wont allow permanent mods)

Option B: Permanent install (more like "allways enabled"). Extract the file "z_bhmod.pk4" to your quake4/q4base folder. The mod will then be automatically (and allways) enabled.


Option A: Delete the folder.

Option B: Delete file "z_bhmod.pk4" from your quake4/q4base folder.


In certain situations objects can recieve highlights from a light that is actually behind the object. Not too common tough.

What else?

For the more tweaker in heart; you can adjust several variables within the shader. The comments describe how.


Sure; mail me at maha_x [AT] hotmail [DOT] com


See Quake 4 eula. Also, if you want to use my mod, ask. Not that I wanted to say no, just that I know. And credit me where required.

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