Cool NG & BHM Shaders PACK



cranking out some awesome mods, and this one is no different...If you're in the market for some serious looking graphics, then this download is for you! Dafama2K7 makes his return, to provide you with a bundle for your downloading pleasure! This file combines two of this developer's mods into one convenient location, both of which will bring some new eye candy to your Quake IV gaming experience! Next Generation Shaders and the Brilliant Highlights mod will push your copy of Quake beyond the limits for ATI and NVidia gfx cards with OpenGL v2.0 or higher.The changes in this version include:Fixed '.x' bug in the Vertex shader part, (This bug affects files such as interaction.vfp, test.vfp and ambientlight.vfp shader files.) that caused lights without texture to not show.Added more light to the ambient lights.Added some alternate versions of some shaders to give more choices to the ExpertsRefer to the readme for more information.


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