Cool Shaders

cool_shaders_pack_v11_d3_q4_prey_full.zip —


in long ago, and since my return, I have not had a chance to mirror it...but, here it is!The story behind Cool Shaders (v1.1) is as follows:Some day i was testing my latest shaders and trying to find new features that i can use on them, when i was tweaking the original test.vfp i was found a very good reflection feature, the original shaders was broken and made for Q4 or Prey, not really usable with D3 without changing a couple of lines, i was do it and when i was finally able to run my D3 with that fixed test.vfp shader i was seen an awesome specular and reflections very, very enhanced and pushed up !!!So, work started on a new shaders pack called 'Cool Shaders mod.Some of the features of this download include:SpecExp is now slightly upped from 3 to 4 for maximum but real nice reflections.Fixed a little bug introduced when NG was converted into Cool shaders.Removed all my custom Autoexec.cfg files for easy of use of this mod.Cool Shaders was born with this developer's own custom updated reflection feature based on the test.vfp orginal shader, but mixing it with his custom half angle instead of pure specular...and voila, this shaders mod was made. Based on the latest NG shaders release, these shaders now export new reflection feature that Dafama2k7 has found on original test.vfpRefer to the readme for more information.


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