DeltaCTF 1.1 Patch

An upgrade for users of version 1.0 of the DeltaCTF mod.


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An upgrade for users of version 1.0 of the DeltaCTF mod.

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[v1.100] Mini-Changelog:

add: New instagib gametype, DeltaICTF
add: Powershield damage flash effect
add: Captains in Matchmode
add: Coaches in Macthmode
add: invitePlayer command for Captains
add: resignCaptain command for Captains
add: teamlock command for Captains
add: teamunlock command for Captains
add: inviteCoach command for Captains
add: kickCoach command for Captains
add: Timeouts in Matchmode (by default each team captain / coach may call 3 timeouts, 60 seconds in length using the 'timeout' and 'gameon' commands. Server configurable with si_timeoutCount / si_timeoutLength)
add: Specator hud, includes player award stats.
add: Hooked award added for grapple kills
add: Powerups are now displayed on the onaim mouse hovers over clients
add: Teamlock Icons for Scoreboard
add: Teamlock warnings during warmup
add: Benchwarmer icons on scoreboard
add: Captain icons on scoreboard
add: Coach icons on scoreboard
add: Timeout values on scoreboard
add: New chat tokens, #r for rune, #d for last damaged by, #e for nearest enemy, #f for nearest friend, #xx for name of player with jerseynum xx
add: Player jerseynums are displayed in say_team text as a chat prefix
add: Added ladder support for maps
add: End of match summary music added
add: MacOS X support

chg: Red quad fx now more closely resembles the stylization of the blue quad fx to balance visibility and fairness
chg: New simpleicons and hudicons for runes and powerups
chg: Increased size of Quad, Invisibility and Powershield hitboxes to ease pickup
chg: Reduced the number of draws in the flag trail fx, improving performance
chg: Sayteam messages now display Blue/Red team names instead of Marine/Strogg.
chg: toggleLoderunner has been updated and improved
chg: New client hud w/ team colors
chg: si_breaktimelimit is now in units of minutes and not seconds (as requested by server and league admins)
chg: Updated shotgun skin (new yellow brightskin to match ammo color)
chg: Updated supershotgun skin (new orange brightskin to match ammo color)
chg: Updated railgun gui (now green to match ammo color and displays ammo amount in deltactf and matchmode gametypes)
chg: Updated lightninggun skin (new ivory brightskin to match ammo color)
chg: Updated nailgun skin (new aqua brightskin to match ammo color)
chg: Altered hitbox from a 6 sided cylinder to a 8 sided
chg: slight speed boost added to haste rune
chg: slight increase in LG dmg
chg: slight increase in SG dmg
chg: slight increase to max ammo for railgun
chg: slight increase to max ammo for rocketlauncher

fix: Teamoverlay now works on a listen server (still don't recommend using a listen server though. =p)
fix: Jerseynum icons no longer hang in location where a client died
fix: LodeRunner icons no longer hang in location where a client died
fix: Increased size of green armor hitbox (it was smaller than other armors)
fix: Chat history and death message history positioning
fix: Grapple's damage over time damage is now affected by haste and strength
fix: Grapple's damage over time (2dmg) is now occurs every .25 seconds instead of every 1 second
fix: Powershield status will be properly reinstallized after a team change
fix: Instance of a rare (and harmless) flag dupe resolved
fix: Weapon offset fixed which was causing for 0 dmg occurances with certain weapons at point blank range.
fix: Removed dds file that ATI drivers were mishandling causing a 1 FPS rendering error
fix: It no longer says "Fight" at the beginning of a gamebreak in Matchmode
fix: simpleitem respawn sound now plays
fix: Powerups & their status properly display on spechud
fix: Weapon and ammo values properly display on spechud
fix: Preserve color codes across linebreaks in say_team chat
fix: si_breakTimeLimit now voteable
fix: clientprediction error found in grapple, now provides smoother movement

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