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The scripting methods in Quake 4 are different than those of previous Quake games since this runs on the Doom 3 engine. This Demo recorder will record 50 demos displaying the starting and stopping of records on screen. It is 1 button for start record demo/stop record demo.



This is simple a script that can record up to 50 demos.
It is 1 button for start demo record/stop demo record but the code is a bit messy.

To install

Simply unzip "demorecorder.cfg" to your "..\Quake4\q4base\"    directory.
Once in a game press ctrl+alt+tilde to bring down the console and type in
"exec demorecorder" (without the quotations)

To rebind the start/stop toggle to a different key there are 2 (main) methods.

Method 1 - Open the demorecorder.cfg in your favourite text editor
	   Find the line (near the bottom) that says bind o "vstr ua_demo"
	   Change the "o" to what ever key you want to use as the toggle
	   Re-execute the script ingame and your done

Method 2 - In the console ingame type unbind o
	   Choose a key you wish to use as your toggle and type
	   bind *key* "vstr ua_demo"	(leave out the asterisks)

To Playback Demos

In the console type playnetdemo demoname


The having to use ctrl+alt+tilde to open the console is very annoying so
you can use com_allowconsole 1 to enable just tilde to open the console.
The problem is that the Quake4Config.cfg file is overwritten on each reset
of Quake 4.

So to enable this everytime just have a shortcut to the game (on the desktop
or wherever else you want) and have this in it.

***NOTE - I also dislike waiting for the start cutscenes so this takes them out too!

"Driveletter:\Pathname(s)\Quake4.exe" +seta com_allowConsole "1" +disconnect

Mine looks like this "E:\Quake 4\Quake4.exe" +seta com_allowConsole "1" +disconnect

Further Contact Information

Contact me if you need any help regarding this script or if you have a
better method to fix up my sloppy script code ^^.

Email: fxfighter1 AT optusnet DOT com DOT au

**NOTE I do have hotmail/gmail and what not but I dont check those anymore ^^

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