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Domination mod is a modifiction introducing a game type to Quake 4 which is based on the original Quake 3 version.The main objective of this...


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Domination mod is a modifiction introducing a game type to Quake 4 which is based on the original Quake 3 version.The main objective of this team based gametype is to "Dominate" as many of the domination points in the time limit by running over them to change them to your team color, for every two seconds you hold a location your team will be awarded a point.You still reading this?! Go download!

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Quake 4 Domination

Rules / Aim

Domination is a team game. Individual frags are not important - the goal is simply to "dominate" the level by capturing the Domination Points. For each Domination Point your team holds, it will be awarded one point every two seconds.

When the game starts, all domination points will be unclaimed, and will be have a light grey color. While they are like this, neither team is awarded points. 

However, as soon as a player runs over the domination point, it will be claimed by that team. Running over a Domination Point that is already claimed by the other team will re-claim it for your team.

While you're playing, the team which has claimed all of the Domination Points is indicated in the top right of the screen, based upon the colors of the backgrounds. When a player claims a Domination Point you'll know - an alarm is sounded. Keep an eye out for your Domination Points being taken by the opposition.

Domination can be played on any CTF level, as both Strogg and Marine CTF flags are automatically replaced with Domination Points. Quad Damage and Full Armor powerups are also replaced, allowing Domination to be played on other maps - such as Q4DM1

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a Domination server?

Create a shortcut to quake4.exe, select properties, and then shortcut properties. On the "target" line, and change the commandline to something similar to this: "C:\Program Files\Quake 4\quake4.exe" +set fs_game Domination +set si_gametype Domination +set si_map mp/q4ctf1 +spawnServer

Obviously if you're running a dedicated server, you may prefer to use a server.cfg as per normal - just remember to set si_gametype to Domination. You may find you need to set fs_game on the commandline though.

How do I join a Domination server?

Exactly the same as you would join any other server. Both the ingame browser and external server-browsers should be able to view and connect to Domination servers. I would recommend using an external server-browser as even post-patch the built in server-browser is missing some pretty major functionality. Currently Domination doesnt filter servers shown to just Domination servers, so make sure you sort by GameType.

How do I make a map for Domination?

Simple - create your map as normal, and add a "domination_point" entity. By Setting the "DomPointName" key on your domination point you can name the point for the HUD, otherwise it'll just get given a uniquely numbered name.

In theory you can have as many Domintation Points as you like in the map - although the HUD is currently restricted to only displaying the status of 6 of them. 

Also add "Domination" to your maps .def file so that it knows its a Domination map. 

Finally, email me ( details of the map, and I'll post details online.


I'm pretty much a one man band :) Coding, modelling, gui work is all by me, AnthonyJ ( The sound wasnt created by me, unfortunately I cannot find the reference to where I got it from. Its from a free sounds website tho, so no copyright issues.

Cheers to Salteh for giving me a couple of games to iron out a couple of issues, and to jRAD for answering a few questions.

Also cheers to PQ for continued hosting, even though I didnt update the Q3 pages for 3 years :)

Version history:

1.0    - initial release.
1.0RC2 - Fixed all issues from RC1.
1.0RC1 - initial release to a couple of beta testers.

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