Enhanced Shaders Q4 D3 Prey ETQW

ng_bhm_shaders_q4_d3_prey_etqw_v22_full.zip —


Manager and Sikkpin new shaders ideas and implementations !Very latest features on shaders...:v2.2- Fixed bugs, optimized, is faster now and gets the best out of IdTech4 shaders, bring new life to IdTech4 games look, is cool, try it now.- Changed properties from nicest to fastest again, because is the best for images in movement.- Fixed some lightning bugs.- Made Brilliant Highlights better, fixed bugs, makes it cool and real !- Better Parallax for both NG & BHM shaders.- Updated all D3, Q4, Prey & ETQW shaders to latest !- Really im not good explaining but just try it and see...


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