Basically a weapon and gameplay mod. This mod features:

Flashlight On All Weapons Larger Flashlight Weapon Alterations Movement Alter...


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File Description

Basically a weapon and gameplay mod. This mod features:

Flashlight On All Weapons Larger Flashlight Weapon Alterations

Movement Alterations

Size of the flashlight is 17 percent bigger. Walk speed is now the same as run speed and the crouch speed has been increased with 50 percent. Weapon lag has been removed. Check the readme for additonal details.

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Download 'faiakes_v10.rar' (56KB)

Faiakes-4-Quake 1.0



Basically a weapon and gameplay mod.

Notable Features

- Flashlight On All Weapons	=> Faiakes Mod
- Larger Flashlight		=> Faiakes Mod
- Weapon Alterations		=> Faiakes Mod
- Movement Alterations		=> Faiakes Mod


1. Decompress the file. Just double click it, it is self-extracting.

2. Place file [ pak444 ] in your Program Files\id Software\Quake 4\q4base folder.

3. Place file [ AutoExec ] in your Program Files\id Software\Quake 4\q4base folder.

4. Place file [ All Commands ] wherever you feel like.

5. Place file [ Read Me ] wherever you feel like.



- Flashlight =>		All weapons have flashlight now. Size of flashlight is bigger by about 17%

- Walk Speed =>		100 % up, now equals run speed (got tired of missing the run key at the crucial moment).

- Crouch Speed =>	50% up.

- Ammo =>		The ammo carried by a player has changed to: All double figure ammos can reach up to 99 and triple ones to 999 (that's not including a full clip). My thought was that it is only fair to keep whatever you can find and save. Plus this ridiculous ammount of ammo is not physically carried by the player but stored in a Microspace Storage Converter (MSC pack), which is what his backpack is. ( Just like Rom The Space Knight, in a Marvel comic book saga . In it Rom's Neutralizer, along with other equipment, was recalled from microspace or something similar, whenever he needed it. He didn't just hanged it onto his belt!)

- Weapon Lag =>		Weapon lag removed.


- FPS on screen =>	Enabled.	

- Console =>		[`] brings the console down. Whilst in game press the [`] key to bring down the ingame console. You can edit this key by going to x:\Program Files\id Software\Quake 4\q4base and opening the file 'Quake4Config'. Look for line bind "`" "toggleconsole" and change "`" to the desired key (i.e. bind "~" "toggleconsole").


ChargeTime 		= down to 0.4	(-50%)
Firerate 		= faster to 0.1	(-33%)
Projectile velocity	= up to 2000 	(+25%)
Spread 			= down to 0 	(-100%)
LaunchFromBarrel 	= 0 (max accuracy)

Added Flashlight
FireRate		= faster to .3	(-37.5)
Spread			= down to 6	(-15%)
clipSize		= up to 12	(+50%)

FireRate		= faster to .075(-25%)
Spread			= down to 0	(-100%)
ClipSize		= up to 60	(+50%)

Added Flashlight
Firerate		= faster to 0.6	(-25%)
Clipsize		= up to 80	(+25%)
Damage			= up to 16	(+12.5%)
Spread			= down to 1	(-50%)
Projectile speed	= up to 2000	(+10%)


Cheats & Codes

god 			- God mode
noclip 			- No clip
notarget 		- Invisibility
freeze 			- Freeze everything
give all 		- All weapons and ammo
give ammo 		- Full ammo
map [map name] 		- Load a map (see the list below)
benchmark 		- Game benchmark
com_showFps 1 		- Show FPS
aviDemo 		- Saves a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file
gfxinfo 		- Graphics card infomation
r_gamma [0-3] 		- Set gamma level
r_brightness [number] 	- Set brightness level
s_volume_db [number] 	- Set sound volume (default is 0)
s_showlevelmeter 1 	- Toggle sound level display (use 0 to disable this code)
g_showprojectilepct 1 	- Toggle hit % to HUD (use 0 to disable this code)
killmonsters 		- Kill all monsters
kill 			- Suicide
quit 			- Quit game

//////////////////// Last Words ///////////////////////

- Feel free to contact me about the mod or any ideas you might have on how to improve it. 

- Also, feel free to use and release this mod  with yours (don't bother e-mailling me about it) but do e-mail me with your new mod because I would like to give it a try! 

- Credit to myself and everybody else's code found in this one, would be greatly appreciated.


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