Film Noir

This map is not intended for any real game play but more for eye candy. The map was inspired by movies that are by Film Noir. The map was ma...


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This map is not intended for any real game play but more for eye candy. The map was inspired by movies that are by Film Noir. The map was made in Blender 3D.

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* Map and General Information *

Title		: Film Noir
Date		: March 2007
PK3 file	: dk_q4dm5.pk4
Filename	:
Author		: Andy 'dONKEY' Dunn
Email Address	:
Website		:
Description	: Monochrome, Film Noir inspired 
		: Inspired by Film Noir style movies, like 'The Third Man'. This is a bit of an artsy piece really. I never seriously considered the map as a level to be played. Based on a Q3 1 hour speed map. The level was remade as a model in Blender 3D. The only brushes used in the map make up the caulk hull and clips. As the level is small and most of it is visible at all time there is no vis portal placement. Enjoy the look and atmosphere, but it is kinda fun to blast a few opponants away too:)
Additional Credits
		: Kat and for model making info and advice

Thanks		: Inf, Kat and anybody that's looked and offered some advice:)
Play Information
r_lightdetaillevel	: This map doesn't use detail level as there's no ambient lighting
Game type		: 1 v 1

Players			: 2 players
Bots			: Optimised for sabot mod, bot file included
Weapons			: Shot Gun x2
Power Ups		: 'Red' Armour, Quad

Drop the PK4 file into q4base and then start the game.
Choose a gametype in which the map displays and then select 'Film Noir'.
Set misc. options for you server and start. dk_q4dm5 will then load into game.

Base		: Original idea

Tools		: Quake4Edit (Q4 QeRadiant) and GTK 1.5
		: Blender3D (map objects and textures)
		: Paint Shop Pro
		: GIMP 
		: Crazy Bump

Known Bugs	: None

Build Time	: 2 months (ish)

Textures used	: All Custom

Models		: All Custom

Sound		: Default Q4

Compile with	:  Intel core 2 6300
		:  2 GB RAM

compile Time	: Less than 1 second

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions
Feel free to distribute the files AS IS.
Do not edit this text file.
Use of included assets for personal projects is permitted providing credit is given for content used. For inclusion in TCs (Total Conversions) or mods (Modifications) drop a line to the e-mail address above to let the repective authors know (and maybe some pimping for your project).

Resale, inclusion or distribution of the included contents is *NOT* permitted without prior written consent.

Copyright © 2007 Andrew Dunn ( - subject 'maps')

Quake 4 (IV) Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

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