Hipdm1 was a custom map made for Quake 2. So now this map has been ported over to Quake 4 for your enjoyment. Some parts of the map are re-t...


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Hipdm1 was a custom map made for Quake 2. So now this map has been ported over to Quake 4 for your enjoyment. Some parts of the map are re-textured but the layout is pretty much the same. The lighting is also updated and the weapons are still in the same positions.

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Download 'hipdm1q4.zip' (1.29MB)

Hipdm1 For Quake 4 by Neo Striker  (Original map by Blueseed)


Hipdm1 was a custom map made for Quake 2. It was made by a guy called
Blueseed. I don't know his real name other than the fact that his nick name
was Blueseed. This was my favorite custom map for Quake 2. I love this map so
much, I felt that it should be brought back for Quake 4. All I have done is
ported the map over to Quake 4, and I have re-textured ever part of the map.
I have not changed any brush work except for some minor tweaks. I have even
tried to keep the same style with the texturing. I also updated the lighting
and I have tried to optimize the map as best I could. I also kept all weapons
in the same positions as the original map except for the ones that were not
included with Quake 4(Like the chaingun). Because of that I replaced those
the closest things to match. I hope you enjoy this map. 

I intend to make two more versions of this map at some point in the future.
One version will be a complete re-make of this map. I will update the brush
work and make alot of new additions to the map, putting it in a different
enviroment. The other version I will try to update the original textures of
the map, and apply them to the updated Quake 4 version of Hipdm1. I don't
think Blueseed, the original author, will mind if I take his map and update
it(I hope not, atleast :-o ). So look for the next two versions of this map
some point in the future. Enjoy! :)


Just unzip the .pk4 file included in this zip file and place it in your
"...:\Quake 4\q4base\ " folder. It should now show up in the multiplayer
map list when you go to create a server. Have fun!


Orginal Map made by Blueseed

Updated to Quake 4 by Josh Trisler AKA Neo Striker

Graphical Content by Neo Striker

Scripting by Neo Striker

Disclaimer and Legal stuff:

This map may not be edited or changed in any way unless one has my explicit
permission to do so. To ask for permission to include this map in any kind of
mod or map pack, or if you want to edit it, you can contact me by email at
gogetrenks_ssj5@yahoo.com. I am also on Windows Messenger, using the email
gogetrenks_ssj6@yahoo.com. Note the difference there. That one only works for
Messenger. Also this map was created originally by Blueseed. Unless
"He" comes forth to me(having proof that he is Blueseed) and says otherwise
to the aformentioned disclaimer, it will stand as is. This map may be
distributed(by itself) as long as the file structure has not been changed
or edited.


Please send any and all feedback and comments you have on the map. They will
be greatly appreciated. That includes and bugs or missing textures or maybe
just some balancing issues you think it has. You can send your feedback to
the email address, gogetrenks_ssj5@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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