Ignited Plasma Thrower

The Ignited Plasma Thrower is a really cool weapons mod that will change the lightning gun in Quake 4 into a plasma flame thrower. The effec...


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The Ignited Plasma Thrower is a really cool weapons mod that will change the lightning gun in Quake 4 into a plasma flame thrower. The effect is done really well as you can see from the screenshots below. Download :)

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Intel report to  E.C.H.Q.

RE: Accident in experimental weapons lab -B.

	 Reports of an accident are true, as are the deaths of three of the secondary staff. I had the clean
up taken care of within 2 hours,and Research resumed only 5 hours after the accident. A respectable amount of time considering the circumstances. The cause was an unforseen hazzard in the extremely high safty environment that no
one could have predicted.
	As you know E.W.L.-B Has been making incredible progress on the next generation plasma applications. The second shift crew were handling the new plasma B-variant within the lab when it came near enough to an open flame to ignite the vapors off of the plasma sample. As you know, the current plasma we have in operation will not ignite or burn at all. It takes an electrical charge to excite the very small amount of plasma which leads to the expanded,fragile ,excited spheres we use in our current weapons.
	In such a fragile state ,the first thing they come in contact with detonates the excited sphere. This new plasma however,has an instability to electricity, and as we now know, fire as well. Unlike the old plasma this new one will burst into flame and burn at a very fast pace. It has so far not shone any reasonable application up till the point of the accident, as it cannot be used the same way as the current version. 
	The six staff members at the table had been running an experiment on the test material when it ignited.The one that was over the fire was super heated within 2 seconds. The internal pressure of his body being flash fried caused his body to swell and explode from the internal gas and vapor pressure. His pieces were vaporized a second later. 
	In that same second the other two exploded like the first but this time it left blood and gore everywere.These three were shoulder to shoulder over the sample tray.The amazing thing is the other three, just feet away, escaped without a scratch or burn mark.In fact there was no evidence of an accident other than the bloddy mess.
	I have given the three surviving members early vacation leave and set up the phyc sessions for them. We have enough staff to cover the shift rotation comfortably so it will not effect any normal operations here. I have also notified the families of the deceased. As you can now see that the accident was a tragic and unforseen event, allow me to inform you of the good news. 
	Dr. Stevens arrived about the same time as clean up was finishing. He requested to see the vid of the experiment and was as horrified as I was at what happened. After setting up the updated work schedule he remarked that he may have found an application for the new plasma. He rushed off to the lab in a hurry,almost knocking down corridor security as he ran off.
	Several hours later he requested a lightning gun for use in his work, and as per my instructions, I gave it to him. Four hours later he requested me to the tesing lab for a demonstration of his progress. He is amazing! He modified a lightning gun to eject a controlled amount of the new plasma and ignite it within the electrical stream.

	The electric stream carries the plasma with it to the target area with extremely great accuracy. The even more amazing thing is that anything out side of the target area or in the evaporation bloom from the stream is unharmed. While it has the visual effect of a flamethrower it has a smaller area of damage that needs to be targeted carefully. Dr. Stevens said the flamethrower effect is from the rapid evaporation of the ignited,burning plasma within the electrical stream.

	He also added some electronic emmiters inside the plasma container itself after he found the new plasma would replicate unbelievably fast under these emitters.  He discovered this after reviewing a failed past experiment from the first generation plasma testing. I am excited at the prospect of not having to reload the plasma, but the energy source itself (the lightning gun) has to be reloaded. At the time of this report we have a working prototype and it is on it's way to you now.

	The Ignited Plasma Thrower has been tested on strogg prisoners with impressive results. Two seconds of a direct hit will super heat the strogg and its internal battery. In effect the strogg subject explodes. While taking a couple seconds longer on the larger of strogg variants to kill,they will not explode due to the heavier reinforced armor.

	All of this has transpired over the past 28 hours, and I have not had any sleep in 32 hours. This is the reason for the lateness of my report, and I hope you now understand the reason why.I have also sent a prototype to the front line for Real World Testing, as it has allready past the required saftey testing of stage 1,2, and 3! As I said it has been an amazing 2 days.

	I will be available for a live transmission stream in 11 hours from now for further questions about what has happened here. For now, I am finally going to get some much needed sleep. I will see you in 11 hours.I will also make sure to have Dr. Stevens on hand for all the technical questions.


						R.J. Bladerunnercutter. 

------------------------------------Read Me---------------------------------------------------------

	I had this thought for doom 3 but never got around to seeing if it could be done. I have finished the visual effects for the Ignited Plasma Thrower but it still acts like a lightning gun for targeting and damage area. For example, anything in the crosshairs gets toasted and anything just outside the crosshairs does not. I have not corrected the area of impact to be wider yet so target whatever you want to toast within the crosshairs.
	I have released this as a stand alone weapon mod for now, and I will realease it with my unbalanced 1.4 version when It comes out.This weapon is really fun to play with! I labeled it pak28 so it will not interupt or effect anything in my 2 unbalanced mods if you are running them under the OG names. just drop it in your pk dir. and flame away. works great on my machine with no problems.

...enjoy yourself !!!--------- BRC- BladeRunnerCutter.

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