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At just under 15MB is contains a lot of custom content including a new jump pad and weapon marker, as well as a usable 'lava' texture, all...


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At just under 15MB is contains a lot of custom content including a new jump pad and weapon marker, as well as a usable 'lava' texture, all of which can be used by other mappers/modders (as with everything on site pretty much!), it's been a long four months of development.

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Download 'mapkat_q4dm2.zip' (14.57MB)

* Map and General Information *

Title		: Kat's Basket
Date		: June 2006
PK3 file	: map-kat_q4dm2.pk4
Filename	: kat_q4dm2.map
Author		: Ken 'kat' Beyer
Email Address	: info@quake3bits.com (subject 'maps')
Website		: http://www.quake3bits.com
Forum		: http://www.quake3bits.com/forum
Description	: You can have any map you like.... as long as it's a cave, or rocks, or a rocky cave!
Additional Credits

Thanks		: wviperw, obsidian, pjw, godlike, odium, kaz, _shank and too many names to mention, but you know who you are!! Quake3World.com and Doom3World.org chaps.

Play Information
r_lightdetaillevel	: This map doesn't use detail level as there's no ambient lighting
Game type		: DM, Tourney

Players			: 4 players (max recommended)
Bots			: No (map is botclipped however)
Weapons			: Rocket Launcher, Granade Launcher, Lightning Gun, Nail Gun, Plasma Gun
Power Ups		: 'Red' Armor, Mega Health

Drop the PK4 file into q4base and then start the game.
Choose a gametype in which the map displays and then select 'Kat's Basket'.
Set misc. options for you server and start. kat_q4dm2 will then load into game.


If you just want to look around the map without setting up a game server do the following;

Start Quake 4, drop the console and type 'exec kat_q4dm2.cfg' to run a config file that will start the map with cheats enabled (the .cfg file needs to be in q4base/*.cfg).

Base		: idea

Tools		: Quake4Edit (Q4 QeRadiant)
		: Blender3D (terrain, map objects and textures)
		: Corel Photopaint (textures)
		: GIMP - normal maps
		: MD5 (ASE) Model Viewer

Known Bugs	: none		

Build Time	: 5 months (ish)

Textures used	: Custom

Models		: Custom

Sound		: Custom and default Q4

Compile with	: Athlon 2800M+ (1.4Mhz)
		: 1GIG PC2700 DDRRAM, ATI 9600XT

compile Time	: TOTAL - 30 sec

Brushes		: c.1417
Entities	: c.296

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions
Feel free to distribute the files AS IS.
Do not edit this text file under pain of a good spanking..!.
Use of included assets for personal projects is permitted providing credit is given for content used. For inclusion in TCs (Total Conversions) or mods (Modifications) drop a line to the e-mail address above to let the repective authors know (and maybe some pimping for your project).

Resale, inclusion or distribution of the included contents is *NOT* permitted without prior written consent.

Copyright © 2006 Ken Beyer (info@quake3bits.com - subject 'maps')

Quake 4 (IV) Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

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