LDAQ4 (blue texture mod)

Is green just not your thing? Well seems LD Ash didn't like the color green so much and made this mod to change most of the things in Quake...


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Is green just not your thing? Well seems LD Ash didn't like the color green so much and made this mod to change most of the things in Quake 4 to blue.

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Download 'ldaq4.zip' (134.63MB)

   LDAQ4 (blue texture mod)
    for Quake IV (all ver)
     v1.0 (070606)

 - This is a mere texture mod that changes much of Quake IV's green
marine theme (characters, weapons, items) to blue.  It's an extension of
my earlier "Dark-Bloody Strogg Kane" texture mod and as such includes
all of that earlier "mod" content.  This is basically my own personal
"theme mod" being a blue fanatic, I've been obsessive recolourising a
fairly large portion of the Quake IV content, Strogg-Kane being the main
reason for this whole package.  Quake IV really is a pretty cool game
and I hope some can enjoy it more with this theme mod.  I would have
liked to have made a bunch of SP maps with this too, but I don't like to
think of how long that would take with everything else going on.

 - Put the various PK4 files into your folder of choice, you can put
them into a \LDAQ4\ folder and launch it from the "mod" menu, or you can
put them into \q4base\ if you choose, it shouldn't cause any problems.
It may also be compatible with other mods that won't override the 
textures or MTR files, but I haven't tested it apart from GTX Bloom, 
Parallax Mapping and the bot mods, since all of the multiplayer stuff
has been affected by the changes.  If some things are still green (like
the marine helmets) then run the mod with this command:-
image_useprecompressedtextures 0

List of changes:-
(includes respective multiplayer and "world"-model changes:-)
 - Strogg Kane = Dark-Bloody Kane, with face-plate and piping.
 - Marine suit = now is dark blue/gray.
 - Medic suit = green components are dark blue.
 - Tech suit = green components are gray/blue.
 - Marine Helmet = green to dark blue with green visor.
 - All weapons = to blue/gray theme.
 - Walker = from green to dark blue/gray with green glass.
 - Hovertank = from green to dark blue/gray.
 - Convoy trucks & gun = from green to blue/gray.
 - SMC vehicles/ships, crates/objects etc. = green to blue theme.
 - Strogg Tactical = from orange to dark-bloody.
 - Strogg Harvester = from red to black theme.
 - Strogg Makron = from light-tan to dark brown.
 - Strogg Network Guardian = a little darker.
 - Strogg Stream Protector = now a darker blue theme.
 - Strogg "Boss-Buddy" = dark-bloody Boss-Buddy.
 - Strogg Marines = dark-bloody colours/bloody faces.
 - Strogg Sentry = now darker and green theme.
 - Strogg Hovertank = now darker and green theme.
 - Strogg Scientist = darker skin tone.
 - Strogg Light Tank = now darker and green theme.
 - Strogg Gunner = darker skin tone.
 - Strogg Gladiator = darker skin tone.
 - Strogg Berserker = darker skin tone.
 - Failed/Slimy Transfer = darker skin tone.
 - Sharpened most of the specular and diffuse textures changed.
 - Monster "burnaway" = extended to about 2 minutes. (sometimes?)
 - Gibs = now fatter with cubemap reflections.
 - Terrain textures = added detail-mapping mod (v1.1).
 - Main menu/Loading GUI = now has many blue components.
 - In-game HUD (Marine&Strogg) = is now blue and more transparent. 
 - GUI cursor = from default to blue "ViolaE" arrow.
 - Light-friendly cubemap "reflections" (gen5) to:- monsters (+bosses),
   some characters, all weapons, ships and vehicles, some mapobjects.
 + Ammo maximums increased. Faster run speeds. Few monsters weaker.
(refer to collage image to see many of these changes in-game.):-

 - Air Defense Cannon GUI is still yellow/orange.
 - Vehicle armour/shields HUD gauges difficult to see.
 - Networking Guardian teeth and jetpack don't "burnaway".
 - Crosshair-over NPC name still fully opaque.

Thanks to:-
 - "der_ton" - MD5 importer/exporter plugins.

IMPORTANT!-  You may only access the contents of these pack files if you
_legally_ own a copy of Quake IV.  All images (apart from GUI cursors)
are property of id/Raven Software and other companies involved, as a
condition of downloading and accessing this pack file you agree to
legally owning a copy of Quake IV, else you deserve to be Stroggified
into a harmless pink Strogg-poodle, a Stroggoodle.


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