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The latest version of MAXBrowse is now available for download. For those who haven't tried MAXBrowse before, it is a server browser created...


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The latest version of MAXBrowse is now available for download. For those who haven't tried MAXBrowse before, it is a server browser created with the aim to be as easy to use, and without adding unnecessary baggage. This version adds support for some Q3 engine games - Q3, ET, and Warsow, as well as the latest D3-engine game, ETQW.

There are also some requested feature additions, such as minimise to systray, improved accuracy of pings. For full details, check the changelog.

Note that the TV filter now works for those games which support TV servers (ETQW, ET, Warsow, Q3 and Q4), but that for Q3 and Warsow the TV's don't report to the master server so you have to add the IPs in manually.

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add - ETQW support 
add - ET support 
add - Q3 support 
add - Warsow support 
add - Support for ICMP pings to servers instead of timing the server reply 
add - Customisable number of servers queried at once 
add - MAXBrowse can now automatically minimise to systray when launching a game 
chg - Player details lists are now different for different games. ETQW gets "bot", Q4 gets "clan" 
chg - Players column may show 4+2 / 12, indicating there are 4 players, 2 bots, and max is 12 
chg - q4 protocol 2.86 detected as 1.4.2 demo 
chg - Server details dialog is now resizable 
chg - the passworded, empty, full, and PB filters are now remembered. 
chg - on first run, the "Configure Games" dialog will always be shown, even if games are found. 
fix - if you previously had a protocol or favourites filter, and its no longer present (eg deleted server .xml files, and refreshed), the filter will be reset. 
fix - XML issues with players with invalid ascii codes in their names corrected 
fix - Refreshing the servers triggering the tree on the left to change position 
fix - Removing a server from all its favourite groups now removes the blue highlight 

add - You can now configure multiple installs of the games, and connecting to the server will automatically select the right version. The &quot;<default>&quot; installation will be used for any servers running a version not explicitly set elsewhere. 
add - &quot;Copy&quot; option in the serverinfo list allows copying of selected serverinfo data. 
add - &quot;Passworded&quot; column displays as a padlock 
add - &quot;Punkbuster&quot; displays a punkbuster logo if it is enabled 
add - tooltips + hints for all menu items and toolbars 
chg - &quot;Add server&quot; dialog no longer has a separate box for port. Specify the host either with or without the port. The default port for the game will be assumed if none specified. 
chg - Some basic info pulled out separately in the &quot;server details&quot; dialog to make it clearer. 
chg - now queries more servers at once (20 at a time) 
chg - full servers are highlighted in red text 
chg - favourite servers are highlighted in blue 
chg - alternate rows have a shaded background, to make it easier to read 
chg - Columns headers now have arrows indicating sort direction (XP and above only) 
chg - Player details list is now sortable. 
fix - &quot;Server Details&quot; dialog doesnt duplicate players in the list when repeatedly pressing refresh. 
fix - Corrected problem with menu labels being changed to random characters sometimes. 
fix - refreshing servers no longer rebuilds the tree on the left, which also cleared selections. 
fix - adding a server will trigger the view to be refreshed, displaying the new server if appropriate. 

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