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extract to militia 1.6 install folder. includes all previous updates

KNOWN : flyers [ droppod ] floods server/client, use/test at your own demise

CHANGES : added "fx_muzzleflash_idle", will play when weapon isnt being fired [ player/vehicles ] cvar g_gameReviewPause to si_gameReviewPause and now works all weapons can use idGuidedProjectile with no extra code entityDef projectile :

"guideEye" "1" //bool will set player view to view of projectile "guidehud" "guis/guidedGui.gui" //hud to use for guideEye "hideCrosshair" "1" //bool when player view is guideEye

"noFuse""1" //bool live until implact

entityDef weapon :

"guideRange" "21000" //range from player before idGuidedProjectile explodes, default of 2000

FIXES : flags drops when carrier player disconnects vehicles freeze and stay binded. when holding down jump and exiting on server vehicle incoming missle hud message still showing after missle has exploded on listenservers vehicle entitydef "locked_flip_death" bool 1 = killdrivers, 0 = kickout gev/phatride for map convoy2 "gib" in damageDefs clientside endgame, now cant move/fire but still can cheer/salute etc weapon fx_muzzleflash plays when player invisible endgame not switching to player FP view when gamestate changes to warmup napalmgun server crash when client disconnects when inside a vehicle

- o09 p0r+

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