I've been fiddling with minor game modifications for a little while now, but never released anything to the public. When Doom3 came out, I...


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I've been fiddling with minor game modifications for a little while now, but never released anything to the public. When Doom3 came out, I spent ages pulling the paks apart and figuring out how it worked - a fairly long-winded process which could have been made so much easier if someone would havereleased a mod or file explaining how certain things could be done. Because there are many similarities to modding Q4 and Doom3, I was able to sort this out quite quickly (by my standards).

As there are not many mods like this one out yet for Quake 4, and certainly none that actually explain how the mod was made, I thought I'd actually do something constructive in releasing this file and seeing how it was received. This isn't meant to be Earth-shatteringly exciting - it's just meant to be a little fun and explain to someone who's never done this kind of thing before how it was done.

- Outline of changes -

Blaster Time for full charge reduced Shot spread reduced

Railgun Clipsize increased from 3 to 10 Rate of fire doubled Damage of railgun slug increased slightly

Hyperblaster clipsize from 60 to 90

Rocketlauncher Clipsize of modded launcher increased from 3 to 5 rockets

Shotgun flashlight added, then removed - the lack of special anims made the transfer between weapons look rubbish Pellet spread reduced slightly Clipsize of modded shotgun increased from 10 to 12

Machinegun Standard clipsize increased from 40 to 60 Modded clipsize increased from 80 to 120

Nailgun Standard clipsize increased from 50 to 100 Modded clipsize increased from 100 to 200 Low ammo warning increased from 1 to 10 nails Shot spread reduced by two thirds Time to lock enemies in zoom mode decreased Time this lock holds for increased Standard firerate increased Modded firerate increased - makes it MUCH more useful IMO Modded drumSpeed increased

Ammo pickups Machinegun ammo from 50 to 120 - two standard clips, full extended clip Nailgun ammo from 40 to 100 - full standard clip, half extended clip Shotgun ammo from 12 to 18 Hyperblaster ammo from 40 to 90 - full clip Rocketlauncher ammo from 6 to 10 Railgun ammo pickup from 5 to 10 - full clip

Max ammo player able to carry Machinegun from 300 to 840 - 6 spare clips plus 1 in the gun Nailgun from 300 to 800 - 3 spare clips, plus 1 in the gun Shotgun from 50 to 84 - 6 reloads, plus full load in gun (modded size) Hyperblaster from 400 to 540 - 5 spare clips, plus 1 in the gun DMG from 25 to 50 Rocketlauncher from 40 to 80 Grenadelauncher from 50 to 80 Lightninggun from 400 to 600 Railgun from 50 to 60 - 5 spare clips, plus 1 in the gun

Max armor for Strogged Kane increased from 125 to 150

Enemy 'burnaway' time vastly increased for all enemies, including bosses - gives you enough time to see the amazing creatures upclose and move on from an area, before removing them to stop the place getting clogged up with bodies and killing your framerate

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Download '' (1.8MB)

- To use - 

The easiest way is to just place pak999.pk4 in your q4base folder. The changes will be in place automatically when you start a new game. If you install the file and load one of your savegames, some but not all of the changes will work. If you play through until you finish the level you are on and start a new one, then all the changes will be in effect then.

If you're playing online, the presence of this file could cause problems. I'd recommend temporarily moving it to another folder if you're going to go online.

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