This map is a multiplayer deathmatch map with ten spawn points.


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File Description

This map is a multiplayer deathmatch map with ten spawn points.

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Download 'mp_prison_v1.rar' (445KB)

Title:			: prison
Description:		: Deathmatch map for quake 4
Filenames:		: prison.ass250
                        : prison.ass128
                        : prison.ass96
                        : prison.ass48
			: prison.ass32
			: prison.proc
Author			: jason j shawcross
Alias                   : ->sombody<-
E-mail Address		:

Credits :and Id Software. Quake 4 is great !
         Thanks to all the fine websites wich i got tutorials from ?(they helped).  
Play Information

Single Player          :no
Cooperative            :no
mulityplayer             :yes ten spawn points
CTF                    :No
New textures           :No
Difficulty Settings    :No

installation and play

unzip map files into quake 4/q4base/maps
start up quake 4 bring up console by pressing ctrl + alt + ¬ (the button in the upper left corner of the keyboard next to the number 1)
then type in the console &quot;spawnserver prison&quot;


Base                   :Scratch
Build time             :2 days
Compiler               :amd  athlon 2000+ 1.66ghz with 1g RAM

Please forward any comments to jason about this map, 
but i do not check my e-mail much

* Permissions *

These levels may be used and distributed freely, so long as the text 
is included with the bsp files unaltered. Level authors may use
this maps as a foundation to build on. Please give credit where it 
is due. You must get my permission to put these maps on a CD or any
other electronic media if you intend to sell them. All textures and
entities are the sole property of ID software. Quake and Quake 4 are
copyrights of ID software.


have fun fragging!

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