Q4 Duct Tape

This is an update to the last version adding the visual effect of the light moving along with the barrel of the weapon.


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This is an update to the last version adding the visual effect of the light moving along with the barrel of the weapon.

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Download 'q4_duct_tape_v11_fixed_updated.zip' (13.61MB)

Bladerunnercutter presents: >>>>>>>   Duct_Tape Q4 mod. <<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>  Dedicated to Slayer 2.   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>   Duct_Tape Q4 mod. <<<<<<<<<< Now updated by Dafama. <<<<

>>>>>>>>>>  Dedicated to Bladerunnercutter <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


v1.1	- Second public release now updated by Dafama.
	- Added light support also for Gauntlet and Napalmgun weapons.
	- Added full shadows to all weapon mounted flashlights.
	- Added a bigger radius and long target for all weapon lights.
	- Fixed a small bug that previously made the mounted light to disappear at 
times, specially in some weapons when looking to down or up.
	- Added a small Bonus Pack in the pak0201_napalmgun.pk4 file that adds 
Napalmgun support for users that for some reason or another still uses Q4 versions 
older than 1.3, from v1.3 or higher this file is not needed, rename it or remove it.
	- Enabled weapon mounted lights on MultiPlayer mode also !

v1.0	- First public release made by Bladerunnercutter.
	- Now almost all weapons have a mounted flashlight attached.

    &quot;So, why a new weapon mounted lights mod, and what are the differences ?&quot;


    The only difference, is that this (all weapons) light mods moves with the barrel 
of your weapon, instead of being stationary ( fixed in the center of the screen ) 
like the other mods. Thats it , nothing else.

    Slayer 2 asked me if the movement on my shotgun light ( in my mod) could be fixed, so that it won't be stationary, and that it would move with the barrel of your weapon ( like the pistol and machine gun light).

    I asked if Slayer 2 had tried the Rhino Squad Light mod, and he said that it was 
the same as in my shotgun, it was stationary ( centered and never moving ).

    So I went through all the stock U.S. version 1.0 Q4 weapon defs, and found the 
answer. Now all weapons have mounted lights, and are stock defs with no tweaking other than the weapon mounted lights added and some other small fixes/updated features.

    All weapon lights move with the barrel of your weapon, but when the player try to 
turn on/off the light on the current weapon, it does, but returns to the MG if the 
player has one or blaster if not.

    I think that the game looks for an md5 animation for the current weapon and if it 
does not have one ( only the blaster and machine gun do), it defaults to MG if the 
player have it or blaster if not. :(

Note!: Try to fix the forced return to MG or blaster when the player press the ON/OFF 
key to turn the current mounted flashlight.


 1. Open the zip.
 2. OLD way: Put pak300 to your &quot;q4base&quot; folder, usually in >>> c:Program FilesQuake 4q4base
 3. NEW way: Drop the q4_duct_tape mod folder to the Quake 4 root directory, NOT q4base.
 4. Start Quake 4 and select the mod from the Mods list or...
 5. Start Q4 by executing the q4_duct_tape_nomap.cmd batch file that starts Q4 using the 
 Q4 Duct Tape mod.

-Enjoy yourself. :D

WARNING !: These mod may interfere with many other mods if you have installed Q4_Duct_Tape following the old pass 2. way, better install this and any other mods following the new pass 3. way !

On a final note i want to remember all the Q4 users that feedback is always welcome and very appreciated, because it helps a lot to improve the mod. :D

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