Q4 Weapons of Destruction

They've finally released another version of Quake 4 Weapons of Destruction. They've got a fully working tarzan hook (swinging hook) as well...


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They've finally released another version of Quake 4 Weapons of Destruction. They've got a fully working tarzan hook (swinging hook) as well as all the new weapons features that were to be released in 2.8. They've incorporated features and cvars from BaseFT, such as team and enemy colors. Weapons, items, and powerups can be removed by cvar as well as their respawn times.

So: better weapons, cvars for the server admins, a swinging hook, and a pimp'n good time.

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Download 'wodv29.zip' (11.59MB)

			     "LAW AND TICK"

DATE:				APRIL 28TH, 2006
VERSION:			2.9 


				- Requirements
				- Installation
				- Configuring

				Q4WOD Stuff
				- Weapons
				- Features


				- Credits
				- Bug List
				- Change List

Introduction -----------------------------------------------------------

Q4WOD is the continuation of the Quake 2 mod, Weapons of Destruction. It
has been a joint development between members of Brand X and HHR. WOD is
a fast paced, action packed mod with weapon improvements and features.

This is not an excessive mod, but a balance of brutal weapons and ballet
of killing instinct.

Requirments ------------------------------------------------------------

As far as I know, this will not work with the Quake 4 Demo.  Outside of 
that.  All you need is the latest quake 4 patch, which can be found on
id's site:


Installation -----------------------------------------------------------

Unzip the contents of this mod into your Quake 4 directory.  It will 
create a folder called "weapons".  If you have a previous version of WOD
please delete it for this is a complete release.  

The mod should be placed/installed like this:


To run the mod, you can select it from the "MOD" menu ingame
by selecting "Q4WOD v2.9".  You can also create
a new shortcut to the quake4.exe and and the line

+set fs_game weapons

Configuring ------------------------------------------------------------

There are several features you need to consider prior to playing the MOD
or you missing half the fun... well most of the fun.  On the main menu
page of Quake 4, there is a new menu called "WOD SETTINGS".  From here
you can bind keys for the Altfire, Hook, and Weapon Drop.  Additionally
you can set other settings.

ALTFIRE - Key used for firing the weapons secondary fire.
HOOK - Key for use of the Grapple Hook.
WEAPONDROP - Key used for dropping your weapon in Multiplayer

Ambient Lighting
Multiply player only feature that removes ambient lights and uses world
lighting instead.  This increases brightness of the maps and boosts you
FPS.  It can be adjusts to desired setting.

Enemy Color & Team Color
Entering an RBG color value to set the colors of enemy and friendly
 players in MP. Works like this:

	R = Red
	G = Green
	B = Blue
	If you wanted all the players to be a solid red: 1 0 0
	For black: 1 0 1

	Just think back to grade school and mixing colors.

Q4WOD Stuff ------------------------------------------------------------

This is a basic outline of what you might find in the mod.

Weapons ----------------------------------------------------------------

	SLOT 1: Blaster / Big Gun

	FIRE1 - Shoots the "charged projectile" that causes more damage.

	FIRE2 - Holding the fire button will charge the blaster into
		Big Gun mode.  Once the blastered has reached full
		charge, it will make a sound.  Releasing the fire button
		will launch a bill ball of death.

	NOTES - The charge time of the blaster is control by CVAR.
		Default is 30 Seconds. ws_blasterChargeTime


	SLOT 2: Machinegun / Mini Rockets

	FIRE1 - Shoots slower than before, but causes more damage.
	FIRE2 - Launches minature rockets and a fast rate.


	SLOT 3: Shotgun / Slug Gun

	FIRE1 - Same as before, but with a bit more knockback.

	FIRE2 - Launches a large slug that does a lot of damage.  The
		slug moves slow and drops over distance.

	NOTES - Uses the altfire will causes a delay after the use, so
		you can't use the weapon for a short time.


	SLOT 4: Hyperblaster / Megablaster

	FIRE1 - Faster, Faster, Faster.

	FIRE2 - Launches a larger projectile at a slower rate.



	FIRE1 - Launches selected grenade

	FIRE2 - Toggles different grenades.

	NOTES - Different grenades:

		ZOOKA	Shoots a grenade farther and explodes on impact.
		NADE	Normal bouncing grenade.
		STICKY	Can stick to walls and does a lot of damage.
		CLUSTER	Launches 5 grenades at once.
		DMG     Grenade with a DMG explosion.


	SLOT 6: Chaingun / Flak Cannon

	FIRE1 - Shoots bullets at a fast rate.

	FIRE2 - Shoots several shards of bouncing nails at once.


	SLOT 7: Rocket Launcher / Speed Rocket

	FIRE1 - Normal rocket, with more damage.

	FIRE2 - This rocket does half damage, but moves twice as fast.


	SLOT 8: Railgun

	FIRE1 - Slightly more damage and smaller effects.

	NOTES - No altfire, but in SP the railgun does 1000 damage.


	SLOT 9: Lighting Gun / Fire Fly

	FIRE1 - Shoots like before

	FIRE2 - Shoots a swarm of random moving things?


	SLOT 0: DMG / Speed DMG

	FIRE1 - Shoots a slow move ball of death with a lot of damage.

	FIRE2 - Projectile moves very fast and does less damage.

Features ---------------------------------------------------------------

	Tarzan Laser Hook
	Very similar to the one in Q2 WOD, but uses a laser instead of 

	For those that don't know what a tarzan hook is, it allows you
	to swing.  You can uses your movement keys while hooking to
	change your direction of swing.  Basically it works like a 
	swing would in the "real world"


	Weapon Drop
	A simple feature that allows you to drop your weapon for team 
	mates in MP.


	Ambient Lighting
	Allows you to remove ambient lights and replace with world 
	lighting.  Increases FPS


	Skin Colors
	You can set the colors of enemy and team players.

	Team Powerups
	If you pickup a power up, such as Quad Damage, every member of 
	your team will also get it.

	In none team games, people will randomly recieve powerups on


	Hud & Main Menu
	New hud that, we believe, doesn't block your view and provides
	ease of information. The main menu has a new wod theme.

	Health & Armor
	The rate of which you regenerate and loose health/armor points
	has been increased.  This means that it will take longer to
	generate points, but you will keep them longer.

	Max Ammo
	You can hold more ammo than before.

	Weapon Switch Rate
	Does take as long to switch weapons.

CVARS ------------------------------------------------------------------

  CVAR				Description			Default
  ----				-----------			-------

  ws_weaponDrop			Enables key bind for droppping	1
				your weapon.

  ws_blasterChargeTime		Sets the charge time for the	
				blaster alt-fire (in seconds)	15

  ws_extraNades			Enables the extra grenades.	1

  ws_teamPowerUps		Enables team powerup feature.	1

  ws_noFallingDamage		Disables falling damage.  I 	1
				recommend leaving this on if 
				you have the hook enabled.

  g_allowHook			Enables hook.			1

  The following cvars when set to 1 will remove the specified item from 
  the maps.  Default value is 0 for all of these.

 	ns_noShotty		Shotgun
	ns_noHyper		HyperBlaster
	ns_noNade		Grenade Launcher
	ns_noNail		Nailgun
	ns_noRocket		Rocket Launcher
	ns_noRail		Railgun
	ns_noLight		Lightning Gun
	ns_noDmg		DMG
	ns_noHealth		All Health
	ns_noArmor		All Armor	
	ns_noAmmo		All Ammo

	ns_noPowerups		All Powerups
	ns_noQuad		Quad Damage
	ns_noHaste		Haste
	ns_noRegen		Regeneration
	ns_noInvis		Invisibility

  The following cvars set the respawn time for specified items.  Default
  values listed as seconds.

	g_ammo_respawn		15
	g_armor_respawn		30
	g_powerup_respawn	90
	g_weapon_respawn	15

  The following cvars determine if the item will drop when a player is
  killed or leaves the server.

	g_powerup_nodrop	0
	g_weapon_nodrop		0

  These are the cvars for the team and enemy colors.  Client side only.

	ui_teamcolors		1 0 0
	ui_enemycolors		0 0 1

Miscellaneous ----------------------------------------------------------

The boring stuff.

Credits ----------------------------------------------------------------

				For most of the hook code, bright skin
				code, and for answering many questions.

				For the Ambient Light code and for the
				hook's swing code.

				For the Team Power up code.

				Support & Fans
				For standing behind us and helping see
				this project through.

	PRODUCERS		The Law, The Tick, Harley



	LINUX SUPPORT		Sgt. Barak, Tigre

	SERVER DEV		Tick, Cthulhu
	SERVER TESTING		Tick, Cthulhu, MajorDomo, Harley

	MUSIC			Nine Inch Nails - Quake 1, Track 4
				Marilyn Manson - Seizure of Power


Bug List ---------------------------------------------------------------

Spectators will also receive powerups with "Team Powerups".  All this 
does is create a powerup effect where ever the spectator is hovering...
So you might see ghosts.

A few glitches with the Lightning Gun - sounds and fire.

Hook effects sometimes remains after high lag and player death.

If you turn on any of the nospawn cvars and restart the map, anyone
joining the server during the restart will still see items that were
removed, but can't pick them up.  They'll need to reconnect.

We are working on making a time delay for the hook.

Change List ------------------------------------------------------------

Removed "Follow Mode" from spectator due to odd bug.



mpgame : Fixed most of the cvars
mpgame : Added some of Tigre's cvars
weapon : Fixed altfire bug
weapon : Lowered shotgun damage again.
weapon : Lowered rocket splash damage.


mpgame : Created Cvars to disable each weapon.
mpgame : Created Cvars to disable each powerup.
mpgame : Created Cvars to disable various pickups.

graphic: Created Weapon "world" brightskins.
graphic: Added	 Tigre's brightskins and cvar code. 		

weapon : Fixed	 Altfire bug, hopefully. 			
weapon : Created Nade switch sound.
weapon : Changed Culster nade effects.
weapon : Changed Nailgun pri-fire sounds and effects.
weapon : Created Partical beam for Rail Altfire.
weapon : Changed Nade switch time lowered.
weapon : Changed Sticknade effects and model.
weapon : Changed DMG Nade effects and model.
weapon : Changed Shotty damage lowered.
weapon : Changed Shotty Alt damage increased.

pimpin : Added   Straight Hook - Redwolfs Code

mpgame : Created Kamikaze mode with CVAR setting.		
mpgame : Created Flag Pass button with CVAR setting.		
mpgame : Created Weapon Drop button with CVAR setting.

weapon : Removed Deafness caused by DMG Nade.
weapon : Changed DMG Nade explodes if it hits a player.
weapon : Changed MG Alt firerate increased.
weapon : Removed Smoke trail and burn effect from MG Rocket.
weapon : Changed Stick nade has health and can be shot.
weapon : Changed Cluster nades do direct hit damage now.

graphic: Changed Rocket texture to red.
graphic: Created Entirely new hud.


2.7 (Internal Release)

weapon : Changed Reduce firerate for GL.
weapon : Changed Increased speed for firefly.
weapon : Changed Reduced firerate for RL.
weapon : Changed Increase firerate for HB.
weapon : Changed HB Alt damage reduced.
weapon : Changed MG Alt to mini rocket.
weapon : Removed Mini grenade from MG Alt.
weapon : Created 3 new grenades.
weapon : Created Grenade Toggle.

mpgame : Created Cvar to disable powerups.
mpgame : Created Cvar to disable DMG.
mpgame : Created Cvar for team powerups.
mpgame : Created Cvar for blaster charge time.
mpgame : Changed Powerups for entire team.

player : Changed Jump height back to original.

graphic: Created Hud for weapon toggle.
graphic: Created New mainmenu/menu.
graphic: Changed MP Hud Color.

sounds : Removed Some other announcer sounds.
sounds : Removed Powerup "announcer" sounds.
sounds : Changed Mainmenu music

2.6 (Internal Release)
graphic: Added   Bandit's XBM AmbientLight Code
physics: Added   Bandit's XBM Stair & Box Jump Code

2.5 (Official)

weapons: Reduced Recoil time for GL in MP.
weapons: Created Grenades for MG ALT.
weapons: Created drunk rockets, GL ALT.
weapons: Created Fire Flys, LG ALT.
weapons: Created Fast DMG, DMG PRI
weapons: Moved 	 DMG Normal fire to DMG ALT
weapons: Changed Added gravity to shotty slug.
weapons: Changed A number of projectile stuff.
weapons: Changed Weapon switch should be faster.
weapons: Changed Flak from nailgun drops faster.
player : Changed Initial MP health back to 125.
player : Changed Amor countdown is every 3sec, not 1.
player : Changed Health countdown to 1.5sec
player : Changed SP Player speed increased for both marine & strogg
player : Changed SP Player jump height increased.
player : Changed MP player speed increased.
player : Changed MP player jump height increased.
graphic: Added 	 WOD load screen.
graphic: Created New brightskins.
graphic: Created Glowskin for grenade.
graphic: Created Text Easter Eggs
graphic: Changed Did some slight HUD changes.

2.4 (Unreleased)

weapons: Added   Altfire system.
weapons: Moved   MG Alt to Shotty Alt.
weapons: Changed Zoom for RG is back to original.
weapons: Removed Bouncing DMG balls from Bazooka.

2.3 (Update)

weapons: Created Megablaster, HB ALT.
weapons: Fixed   Problems with vanishing projectiles.
weapons: Fixed   Nailgun secondary fire.
weapons: Changed Streetsweeper to FlakCannon
weapons: Removed zoom guis from weapons.
weapons: Removed Blaster jump
weapons: Created Big Gun, aka noisy cricket, Blaster ALT.
weapons: Changed Bazooka alt shoots bouncing DMG balls.
weapons: Changed RG firerate faster.
weapons: Changed Shotty knockback reduced.

2.2 (Public)
Decreased damage for hyperblaster.  Removed guided rockets
and seeking nails.  Replaced with speed rocket and street
sweeper.  Removed "hearing loss" caused by shotty.
Removed WOD backgrownd due to some bugs, will include later.
Included Brightskins this time.

I'm gonna start keeping up with the changes from this point.


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