It is important to note that Q4Max .78 is only for the beta Q4 1.4; those who wish to wait for the final 1.4 patch should not install it on...


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It is important to note that Q4Max .78 is only for the beta Q4 1.4; those who wish to wait for the final 1.4 patch should not install it on their servers.

"On top of simply supporting 1.4, we've also got a number of changes of our own. This includes some changes to the multipov functionality, with the ability to change the layout of the views, and cycle around the different players. Multipov has also been extended to support Q4TV, and can be used by any viewer at any time," said AnthonyJ, a lead developer on the Q4Max project.

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Download 'q4max078.zip' (16.02MB)

    *   add: Q4 1.4 compatibility - this version of Q4Max does not run on Q4 1.3.
    * add: Q4TV Chat. Clients can disable it with cg_notvchat [0|1, default 0]. Q4TV Servers can disable it with g_notvchat [0|1 default 0].
    * add: "multipov" command is now supported for Q4TV.
    * add: cg_predictMG cg_predictSG cg_predictRG) [0|1, default 0]. When enabled, your own mg/sg/rg effects will be predicted as you fire, instead of waiting for the info to come back from the server. This makes for extra responsiveness at the cost of accuracy.
    * add: cg_poweruplights, cg_muzzleflashlights toggle different kinds of dynamic lights. (not available with forceambient).
    * add: Thinner lg graphic with cg_thinshaft 2, spiral only railtrail with cg_railstyle 2.
    * add: cg_deadbody 2 darkens dead players.
    * add: Speed meter (hud_showspeed). Move it around with hud_speedposition (x y, default 550 70)
    * add: Alternative multipov view styles with hud_multipovstyle (0-4, 1 default, 0 for .77 style)
    * add: Current player highlighted on the hud in duel/ffa.
    * add: Slight viewmodel recoil on NG/HB/RL.
    * add: viewSizeUp / viewSizeDown commands resize the main view. Can also be set explicitly via r_viewSizePercent.
    * chg: Network traffic optimizations.
    * chg: Bobbing-related cvars now default to 0.
    * chg: cg_teamchatonly works outside of teamgames.
    * chg: The cubemap pass on textures/terminal/floor_mp and frozen player materials only shows up when "High quality special effects" are enabled. (found in system/advanced settings, or r_skipnewambient)
    * chg: Removed com_warnings. Use developer 1 if you need to see warnings from now on, thanks to the 1.4 update.
    * chg: cycling spectators no longer takes you to freefloat after cycling through all players.
    * chg: XML Stats output updated, and XSL template significantly updated. Note that this is part 1 of an ongoing improvement to the MAXStats package.
    * chg: display si_fps in the serverinfo gui section.
    * chg: Light Detail Level properly archived and applied when joining games through r_archivedLightDetailLevel. This effectively replaces r_lightDetailLevel.
    * fix: (Partial) Actual shooting and shooting animations/sounds were going out of sync when holding _attack over the course of a weapon switch.
    * fix: Simpleitems disappeared in front of some surfaces.
    * fix: Endgame statistics showed a "score" of 100 (their handicap) for everyone.
    * fix: Cycling through players as a spectator dropped back to freefloat after a complete cycle.
    * fix: Missing rocket launcher viewmodel animation.
    * fix: Items disappearing when dropped / respawned in multipov mode, if g_simpleitems was set to 1.
    * fix: Items make no respawn sound if g_simpleitems 1.
    * fix: Players seeing weapon fire-fx (muzzleflash etc) on players firing if they are out of ammo.
    * fix: Added the airdefense_big_gun vehicle as a static item, to correct one of the entries in the 1.4 CMP.
    * fix: ui_name now set correctly when edited in the main menu.
    * fix: ammo indicator glows on some weapons updated.
    * fix: Create server gui now correct sets the dedicated / lanserver settings based on the gui controls.
    * fix: #i previously did not report dropped items
    * fix: (RB) Weapon world models had SP mods when carried by players.

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