This is the beta version of a program to assist you in starting a Q4 server. Keep in mind it's still in beta so there may be some issues a...


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This is the beta version of a program to assist you in starting a Q4 server. Keep in mind it's still in beta so there may be some issues and missing functions. If you're just confused when trying to set up a server, get this now!

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Download 'q4start.zip' (70KB)

General Information:

Q4Start is Freeware. You are allowed to give it to any other person. Publishing it is forbidden without my confirmation.

I wrote this program because i want to simplify the launching of a Quake4 Server

I'm sure that there are some bugs in my program and there are some important funcions missing... it's a beta ;-) So give it a try...

    Q4Start must be copied into your Quake4 folder ( where you can find the file "quake4.exe". Every setting you make with it, wont make changes in your "quake4config.cfg". They are all temporary. They all are saved in the file "q4start.cfg". This file is saved in the choosen Mod Directory ( in case you play the original Quake4 it's placed in the directory "q4base"). So, there is a cfg-file and also a mapcycling script for any mod you play. The script has the name "q4start.scriptcfg". 
    Q4Start is able to start the server directly ( with the button "Start Server" ) or can create only the cfg file and a batch file to start the server later. The batch file has the name "q4s_[Moddir].bat" ( in case you play the original Quake4 the name is "q4s_q4base.bat" ). This file is placed in the directory where Q4Start is placed. 

Now, take a look on it ...

"General": Here you can edit the name of your server ( Server Name ), the Game you want to play ( Game Type : DM, Team DM, CTF, Arena CTF and Tourney ) and the Mod you want to play ( Game Base, here you will find every subdir of your Quake4 directory - for the original Quake choose "q4base" ). Currently, the start of a mod is untestet...

Connection/Speed : Here you can select the speed of your connection ( Speed ) and the numbers of players.

    You can also change the options for teamplay after you select a Teamplay ( Team DM, CTF and Arena CTF ) 
    Shuffle : The server creates new teams after each round 
    Autobalance: The server creates theams of the same size 
    Teamdamage: You can hit teammembers 
    "Servermode": Here you can choose if your server is a pure LAN server or a server for the www. You can choose dedicated or listen server ( if dedicated is unselected ) and you can tell the server to create a logfile. The logfile has the name "q4start.log". 
    In "Start/Stop" you can set 
    Timelimit: The time after the next map will start 
    Fraglimit: Number of frags to trigger the next round 
    Capturelimit: Number of Captures to win a round 
    Tourneylimit: Number of Tourneys to start a new tourney 
    Countdown: Time before the game will start 
    Wait for Ready: Start a map after all players enterd "ready" 
    Warm up/ Anzahl der Spieler: Don't start the server with less than ... players 
    "Security": Edit the Password for remote admin ( Admin Password ) and the password for the clients ( Client Password ). Select if your server only accepts original datafiles ( pure Server ) and enable/disablePunkbuster(TM). 
    For the "net stuff" i've created a seperate Window: 
    Here you can enter up to 5 master server. For default there is "master3.idsoftware.com" but you can delete it if you want 
    In addition you can change 
    Zombie Timeout 
    HitScanTint : 
    Weapon Stay: 
    allow Spectators: 
    allow voting: 
    Map Cycle: activate the mapcycling script created with Q4Start 
    You can select the maps here after a click on "Select Maps": 
    With the button &quot;>&quot; you can copy a map to your selction ( double-click on a map will do the same ! ). With &quot;<&quot; you can remove a map from your selection. With &quot;up&quot; and &quot;dn&quot; you can move a map in your selection. The map on top will be the startmap! Maps, not listed on the left side can be added by hand in the editbox below.

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