This mod from mrpsychology works for both single and multiplayer. When you extract it, first go to system settings and autodetect and then g...


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This mod from mrpsychology works for both single and multiplayer. When you extract it, first go to system settings and autodetect and then go to create server and change name to yours.

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Download 'fragfestmod13.zip' (2.71MB)


Fragfestmod v1.3.

Instructions on how to install:
1) unzip or extract the mod into your 'quake 4' folder.  C:/program files/id software/quake 4/(fragfestmod)
2) Now, do NOT DELETE but take the 'gamemode-(    )-fragpak' out that you do not want the mod to use.  Leave the 
gamemode in that you want to play.  This is only the case if you are the host or playing this privately.  If you 
log onto a server the server will determine which pak to use.  I am working on getting this to be selectable 'ingame'
3) Now, go to 'mod tab' on the first menu page and select 'fragfestmod' and you should be allset.  

The gamemodes have a naming system like such:
a) gamemode- is as it states, its a gamemode
b) instagib- is the mode of that pak or pk4.  There are instagib, default, railonly, rocketonly, arenainstagib, 
arenadefault, arenarailonly modes of gameplay in fragfestmod.  
c) fragpak- is the name of the pk4.
d) m- is the letter signifying the significance in development of the pk4.
e) 8- is the number of the revision-higher the number the more recent it is.  
f) gamemode-instagib-fragpakm7.pk4; gamemode-default-fragpakm8.pk4; gamemode-railonly-fragpakm8.pk4; 
gamemode-rocketonly-fragpakm8.pk4; gamemode-arenainstagib-fragpakm8.pk4; gamemode-arenarailonly-fragpakm8.pk4;
gamemode-arenadefault-fragpakm8.pk4;   these are all the gamemodes packaged in fragfestmod v1.3.

In all modes, player spawns with all weapons.  This mod now works seemlessly with singleplayer.

This mode is designed more for endurance, for longer fights while keeping the visual graphics and effects all fragfestmod 
offers the enduser.  This was the first mode created for fragfestmod.

Instagib or instamode----
This mode offers more reactive fighting.  It has an instagib railgun and more powerful weapons than default mode has.  I 
find that this mode is the most popular on my server.  All weapons are balanced to be effective against the instagib railgun.

railonly mode---
This mode offers a faster firerate for the railgun (since there are no other weapons to have to worry about).  It is 
instagib still.  

rocketonly mode----
This mode offers the dmg rocket only.  Faster firerate for the rocket and samne damage as instagib's rocket.

Arena modes---
the arena modes brings arena powerups into Deathmatch, TeamDeathmatch, and Deadzone!!!  On all maps too, I replaced 
healths with ammoregens, scouts, and teamdoublers.  

1) railgun--- shoots gladiator rails.
2) poison grenades---  shoots bottles of poison and has fast rate of fire.  It makes you dizzy when it hits you too. The 
sound is loud for some but fun for others.
3) nailgun-- shoots two different ammo's, makron cannon and nails, if you use zoom it will fire nails regular it fires
makron cannon.  It has an extremely fast firerate.
4) hyperblaster-  shoots what apears to be a trail of haste and lazer and is more damaging than default hyperblaster.  
5) napalmgun---  shoots napalm, but with more sticky flames, and it fires bombs from the hornet and makes squeal sounds like
fireworks on fourth of july.
6) lightninggun--  Has teleport effects when it hits an object.
7) machinegun--  shoots more damaging, and when zoomed it fires rails!!!  (note: on dedicated server it appears as a bullet,
however, on lan or homeserver or singleplayer it looks like it should-the railgun).
8) shotgun-- is a railgun (not instagib) that behaves like a shotty, it shoots rails.  
9) dmg--  now shoots what appears to be a rocket-walker rocket.  
10) gauntlet--  more damaging than default.
11) rocketlauncher-  shoots what appears to be fireballs and exploding dmg when it hits object. 

1)  i have found a better way to mod than to use the 'projectiles' themselves.  So, I have made the rockets and grenades
LOOK like fireballs and bottles- but they are shooting rockets and grenades.  This is a major improvement for this mod.
Being able to change appearances helps me keep the mod close to what quake 4 offers and makes the mod more professional
and accurate.  however, the rockets are more fps consuming than fireballs.  I fixed the poison grenades too, becuase 
instead of using the scientist grenades I made the regular grenades LOOK like the scientist grenades and behave like them, 
so now they fly in a correct manner.

1) a lot of the effects you will see on your home server and on singleplayer will be lost on dedicated server, I am currently
working on resolving this, but it does not effect gameplay or how the weapons behave in both.  
2) On BALANCING WEAPONS- there are many ways a modder can balance weapons.  When player spawns with all weapons, like this
mod does, the traditional mindset does not need to be applied.  I have different ideas for the balancing of weapons in 
defaultmode than I did with instagib.  
a) with defaultmode- I used the rule of thumb of '3 shots for a kill' for the rail, grenade, rockets.  So, I took total 
protection of 250 and I divided it by 3, and it comes to 83, so I gave rail, rocket, grenades damage of 85.  I used a time
mathematic for the other weapons.
b) with instagib--  I used the railgun (gives 99999 damage) as the centerpiece.  So I slowed down the rail because this
allows people to have other weapons that are still effective.  And I made other weapons damaging so that the player can
fight against a rail that is instagib and still be effective.  
c)  There are many ways one can balance weapons, the way the weapons in this mod are balanced may  not please many quake 
folks, but then again, this is a  mod and not default quake, and there are many mods out there that may please you if 
you really can't stand the 'seemingly unbalanced weapons here'.  When one spawns with all weapons it is not so important
to be 'traditional' in the balancing of weapons.  I as well, thought while balancing the weapons, to make other weapons
counter other weapons, like when one is close and trying to rail you use grenades to make them see blurry, this is another
aspect that came into play while designing this mod for balancing the weapons.  

Special Thanks:  To TTK-Bandit who helped package the mod and gave me some legal (implicit) advice on the packaging of the
mod which allowed me to shrink the original 155mb file to a 2.1mb file.  He has given some advice too which is much appreciated.

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