Quake 4 1.4 Beta patch (win32)



Q4TV - Spectator Television: Enhanced spectator support delivered through Q4TV allows matches to be broadcasted to hundreds of players at once. Q4TV servers can be found in the server browser making it easy for players to find matches to spectate.

Improved Hitboxes: Multiplayer matches now use 8-sided collision boxes (right image) in place of the previous 4-sided prism (left). The new hitboxes more accurately represent the player model dimensions.

Serverside Adjustable Tick Rate: The new serverside command, si_fps, allows server administrators to customize the game tick rate. Default is set to 60 fps, which is consistent with previous releases. However if set higher, server and clients will tick faster, allowing for tighter input control and higher Frames Per Second.

Improved Sound: In addition to addressing dropped sounds, stuck hums, and performance issues when switching between windowed mode when using OpenAL, new ear seperation code has been written for stereo software sound. The new sound code is default in multiplayer only.

Improved Netcode: Alterations to the network code, including optimizations and new client side configurable traffic management has lead to improved bandwidth usage.

Railgun Balancing: The railgun has had its damage reduced from 100 to 90. Also, its starting ammo (the amount of ammo available at the time of picking up the weapon) has been lowered from 10 slugs to 5, and its max ammo capacity has been lowered from 50 to 25. These changes coupled with the improved hitbox and the serverside adjustable tick rate more fairly balances the railgun against other weapons.

Consistant Shotgun Spread: Shotguns in multiplayer matches now have improved and less random pellet spreads, producing a more regular pattern (bottom left image) in comparison to the more random spread seen in earlier versions (top left). Improved Napalm Splash The napalm weapon has been altered with a reduction in direct damage and an increase in residual area effect damage (not pictured).

More Accessible Options: Commands such as r_forceAmbient and g_simpleitems, previously only available through the console, have been added to the GUI menus for ease of access.


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