Quake 4 Map Manager



With the appearance of this program, probably already hundreds of fans generated Quake maps appeared, and in the future, the number will increase certainly. But who retains the overview in so many cards? Exactly here that helps would Quake 4 Map managers. It stores both cards information which it partially automatically recognizes, as well as the card itself in a database and enables the user therefore to retain the overview over all cards, to seek, to export cards, to give, to play further,.. Through the Q4M-Format (would croak 4 Map information would file format) and the contained editor (Q4MGen) cards authors can generate and transmit simply and quickly extensive information files for its more player cards.

Roughly translated from German. Do note that you will need the german version of Quake 4 and the Microsoft .NET framework in order to be able to use this program.


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