quake 4 militia 1.6 rCon

All in 1 pack for militia that adds full mp vehicles on both dedicated and listen servers. voice taunts. projectile flares/tripbombs, 3rd pe...


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All in 1 pack for militia that adds full mp vehicles on both dedicated and listen servers. voice taunts. projectile flares/tripbombs, 3rd person death from random angles, better physics, AI, effects, view frag leader/team base when mp game has ended, manual zoom using forward/back keys + zoom

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Download 'quake_4_militia_1.6_rcon.exe' (39.58MB)


manual weapon zoom. forward/back buttons+zoom button
projectile flares, default : blaster charged blast
projectile tripbombs
projectile flamethrower
all weapons can use idGuidedProjectile with no extra code, with player view from guiding projectile
playerview bloodsplashes/sprays
press just to enter vehicles
better nuzzle kicks
weapons can have a pre muzzle flash effect that plays when weapon is idle
vehicles kick players out without ejection into the sky for instant death
gibs no longer just disappear. they burn out
most the physics had some tweaks.. half life 2 type of movement for moveables, i mouse wont move a tank either. and a tank will move a crate
vehicles/vehicle positions can be set to thirdperson view def file


new weapon damage, ai, effects
3rd person death when player is dead
full headshots.. impact causes twice the damage. mp announcer will play sound "announce_headshot"
team ai will stay a set distance from you when attacking
ai deaths will be random animations. or burst into fire if cvar g_burnholysin = 1
random voice taunts
view from ai killer with pm_aideathview, with model has its own hud/gui to view from


Full server sync vehicles, should allow multiple positions, each with own seperate hud
regen vehicle health with lightening gun if is on team in a team game or idle and not locked in normal modes
all players view frag leader when game ends
all players view flag base when game ends
mp games have count down before they begin "si_countDown", with warmup still being seperate
instaGib enabled using cvar SI_INSTAGIB
god powerup : max health/armour, run faster, jump higher, immortality
CTF flag is invisible if carrier player has invisibility
individual voice taunts for each player model
railgun color/team hitscan tints, kinda crappy without using a mtr_light
extra player models

16player CTF The Core test map


pm_dropWeapons //replaces player def files "nodrop"
pm_thirdpersonCrosshair //show crosshair in thirdperson view

ai_fovDegrees //replaces ai def files "fov", use overrideFOV in def files

g_burnaway //0/1
g_gibHealth //health below 0. for gibs
g_respawnDelay //time player respawns after death. replaces respawn_delay in player def file
g_damagePushScale //scale of all damage def pushes
g_damagedeathPushTime //replaces def files "deathpush"
g_damagedeathPushScale //deathpushmin/min *scale * powerupmodifier. if any
g_voiceTaunts //enable voice taunts in single player game. 1 in 24 chance of player/ai saying something after kill with "snd_taunt" in def file
g_fadeDeath //fade screen to black when dead
g_regidDead //keep actors solid when dead

si_voiceTaunts //enable voice taunts
si_vehicleRespawn : respawn vehicles
si_vehicleRespawnTime : time to vehicle respawn death
si_vehicleTimeToRespawn : actual time to vehicle respawn after death
si_vehicleSteal : allow enemy team to steal vehicle until vehicle death
si_ctfKillReturns //return flag when carrier has been killed
si_playerViewEffects //enables player hud bloodsplashes, double/tunnel/shake vision
pm/si_dropPowerups //seperated from pm/si_dropweapons

si_message //display message in chatbox every mins, si_message_time use "" for none
si_message_time //time in mins for si_message to show

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