Quake 4 v1.4.1 Linux BETA Patch



d Software has released a new v1.4.1 Linux BETA patch for Quake 4. This update tweaks various settings in the game, and mainly adjust Q4TV settings, adding chat support, increasing viewer limit and much more.


new movemement code on angled surfaces (pm_slidevelocity and pm_powerslide) LG knockback 6->11, fire rate 0.05->0.04, damage 8->7, max cells 400->300, range 768->736 LG & GL crosshair .dds files updated (with correct versions) fixed player corpses warping to spawn locations net_clientRepeaterDelay added for Q4TV RG starting ammo 5->7, ammo box 10->7, max ammo 25->35 fixed pixelization of all crosshairs, added 2 new ones allow backslash in say text, o/ spectators can now use teleporters unprotected r_displayRefresh removed health/armor adjustments from g_handicap; now affects players damage output only model specfic sound code to allow unique sound sets be defined for each model several OpenAL sound fixes assume private networks are LAN servers; net_forceInternet can be used if they aren't allow mods to alter engine level cvar flags added si_fps 'Tickrate' to server browser hover info new lagometer code, increased performance and works with r_useSMP force pro skins option added to Game Options GUI unlocked g_gunX, g_gunY, g_gunZ cvars added g_weaponFovEffect gun position option added to Game Options GUI fixed some item pickups not being viewable by Q4TV new size for megahealth simpleItem pure check for Q4TV added fixed NextWeap/PrevWeap when scrolling through several weapons at once fixed broken firing animation for viewers projectile explosions/impacts are always predicted correctly now; gives much better feedback to the player when lagged fixed the need to toggle console before entering a password shaderParm support added for model renders in GUIs (allows for mods to display brightskins dynamically in GUIs) net_challengeLimit increased from 15 to 30 seconds to minimize timeouts during loading of an addonpak free gameclient/bot slots for bots removed net_clientPrediction archives jump / crouch animation added for players crouched in midair prevented DeadZone triggers from being called in other gameTypes, which caused memory corruption added snaps to GUI sliders added chat support for Q4TV made use of smaller data types to decrease network traffic increased limit of possible viewers for Q4TV fixed missing respawn sound with g_simpleItems recordNetDemo now works for Q4TV fixed stuck hums fixed issues with switching to addonpaks via the Admin GUI s_useDeferredSettings default changed to 0 clear new dict and save/restore serverInfo cvars when doing a reloadEngine for spawnServer



6 years ago

Beta Linux files here. 1.4.1 beta is there, can't seem to reupload it.