Quake4[CC] v1.0 Alpha

quake4cc_v1.0.zip —


WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? 1. Quake4 did not have any sub-titles for dialog in the game. Those who are hard of hearing/deaf do rely upon sub-titles to understand the dialog. This early alpha version provides sub-titles for spoken dialog for all levels of Quake4. There are very few captions for sound effects. Those will come in future updates.

2. In the console you can change whether or not dialog/sfx are captioned. Use the cc_environment and cc_dialog console commands to change them. Typing "cc_environment 0" will turn the captions for sound effects off.

cc_environment 0 = sfx not captioned cc_environment 1 = sfx captioned

cc_dialog 0 = dialog not captioned cc_dialog 1 = dialog captioned



Thank you for downloading the Quake4[CC] mod for Quake4, v1.0. Version 1.0 of this mod is compatible with Quake4 patched to v1.2 and is considered to be in the alpha stage which means it is largely unfinished and may not work as intended.

Extract the contents of this .zip into the root of your Quake4 directory with "use folder names" checked.

It will do the following:
1. Extract a "Quake4[CC]_v1.0.bat" file into your Quake4 directory.
2. Extract a "readme_q4cc_v1.0.txt" file into your Quake4 directory.
3. Extract a "Quake4CC_v1.0" subdirectory into Quake4.

You have two options -

1a. Run the "Quake4[CC]_v1.0.bat" file in your root Quake4 directory. You should see a new splash screen graphic (temp) instead of the original Quake4 one. 

1b. Start a new game or load a previously saved game.


2a. Load up Quake4 as you normally do. Then click on the "MODS" button. Choose "Quake4CC_v1.0" and load it.

1. Since this is an alpha version, the code is unfinished.
	A. The Visual Sound Radar (VSR) does not work
	B. There are no menu options to turn on/off captioning for dialog or sfx, you must use the "cc_" commands in the console
	C. Only dialog sub-titles are provided. SFX captions will made available via a small text files	and downloaded from http://gamescc.rbkdesign.com/
	D. Cinematics do not display closed captioning, however, the console does print the captions

CREDITS for v1.0
The Quake4[CC] Development Team:
Reid Kimball				Mod Design Lead / Captioner / Localization / Webmaster
Jason Sadler				Programmer
Mikage					Splash Screen Art

Games[CC] is looking for programmers, artists and captioners who would like to help Games[CC] finish the Quake4[CC] project.

Please visit http://gamescc.rbkdesign.com/helpwanted for more info on how you can help Games[CC] complete this unique and feel-good-about-yourself project!

-Reid Kimball

Website:	http://gamescc.rbkdesign.com/
Email:		reid-at-rbkdesign-dot-com

Games[CC] was created by Reid Kimball to develop tools and software to close caption games. Closed captions are under utilized in games today where they can help hard of hearing, deaf or players not familiar with the game's native language to understand dialog and action communicated through sound effects. Games[CC]'s first project was Doom3[CC], which received praise from all over the world, was featured on cover disks for PC Gamer (UK) and PC Zone (UK) in addition to being nominated as a finalist for the Best Doom3 Mod of 2005 in the Independent Games Festival, presented at the Game Developer Conference 2006.

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