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This build of Rocket Arena fixes a couple of bugs that were wrong in the previous version and allows you to play with the Quake 1.4 Beta Pat...


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This build of Rocket Arena fixes a couple of bugs that were wrong in the previous version and allows you to play with the Quake 1.4 Beta Patch.

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Title    		: Rocket Arena 4 Client Readme
Version  		: 0.5 Beta 3
Webpage			:
Date     		: 05-2006
Document author	 	: Sub-Zero, ElQueffo
Document version	: 1.1
Development Webpage	:

To install, simply extract to your Quake 4 directory.  A directory called 'arena' will be created.  Then copy your Quake 4 link, get properties and add: +set fs_game arena to the 'target' field.  It should look something like this: "D:\quake4\Quake4.exe" +set fs_game arena 

 Game Overview
Rocket Arena matches are played in "arenas." Each map may have one or more arenas
in it. When you connect to a server, you need select an arena and then
either create or join a team within it.

 Crash Reports
Rocket Arena 4 is in a beta state, and may therefore sometimes crash. If this happens, two files will be saved to your arena directory. These files are named <date>.dmp, and <date>.dbg.
Please send us both of these files by either posting them on our forum at the development webpage (see above), or mailing them to Please remember to describe what you were doing at the time of the crash.

 Game Types
Rocket Arena 4 currently has two different modes: Rocket arena and Clan Arena.  In Rocket Arena, two players face off in a battle to the death, being given full health, armor, and loadout of weapons (except the DMG).  The victor stays, and the loser goes to the end of the line.  Then, the next-in-line faces off against the current victor.  In Clan Arena, two teams face off in a similar manner within a full-size map.  When a player dies, he waits until every player on either team dies, declaring a team victory for that round.  Whichever team whins the majority of rounds (game votable), wins the match.

Within each arena, settings can be voted on to tailor the game to the players' liking.  The server admin may grant or rescind the options as well to tailor the game to the general tastes of his community.  Different arenas may also have differing default settings.

For Rocket Arena mode, they are:
	'Rounds' per match.  How many rounds are played to determine the victor
	'Players per Team.'  How many players per team
	'Armor Damage'	     Whether self-inflicted wounds 'damage' armor and/or the armor of your team.
	'Health Damage'	     Whether self-inflicted wounds 'damage' health and/or the health of your team.
	'Falling Damage'     Whether players take damage from falling or not.

In Clan Arena, Players per Team is a server-admin selectable value.  It cannot be voted on by players.  Otherwise, the voting options remain the same.
 Global Server Voting
The &quot;clientcallvote&quot; console command is still present and can be used for server-wide voting
(the menu voting is just for individual arenas).
The callvote commands available are:
&quot;clientcallvote kick <name>&quot; to vote to kick a player. Note that you can also just type
&quot;clientcallvote nextmap&quot; will skip to the next map
&quot;clientcallvote map <map>&quot; will load the map named <map>
&quot;clientcallvote timelimit <limit>&quot; sets global time limit for current map.
A vote will only pass if a certain percentage of the players on a server vote yes.

Client cvars
	Sets color of team skins as &quot;r;g;b&quot; (use quotes)
	&quot;1;0;0&quot; would be red
	&quot;0;1;0&quot; would be green
	&quot;0;0;1&quot; would be blue
	these values are normalized between 0 and 1 floating point.

	Same as teamColor but sets enemycolors

	Forces player models to those specified in ra4_enemyModel and ra4_teamModel
	Values are 0 or 1. If 0, then individual players' selections are honored.

	Sets teammodel.  For instance, &quot;model_player_marine_morris&quot;
	This can also be set via the in-game Settings menu.

	Same as teamModel but for enemy team.

	Loads an alternate scoreboard.  For instance, a value of &quot;myboard&quot; will attempt to load guis/scoreboard_myboard.gui
	These scoreboard GUI files must exist first.  No extras ship with RA4 at this time.

    Forces the renderer to use a single pointlight to light the whole world 

	Same syntax as ra4_scoreboardstyle but loads an alternate HUD.  No HUD GUIs ship with RA4.

	Sets the server's config script.

	Toggles projectile trails.  0 = none, 1 = rockets only, 2 = grenade only, 3 = both (default)

	Forces railcolor to the values used for ra4_teamcolor and ra4_enemycolor

Client commands

	Lists known map locations 

	Deletes a map location 

	Adds a new map location 

clientMessageMode [0,1,2] ( Default 0 ) 
	Enter message mode. Optional parameters: 0 = say, 1 = sayTeam, 2 = sayWorld. 

	Send chat messages that are visible in all arenas. 

specInvite <client>
	Invites client to spectate your team in competition mode. 

specRevoke <client>
	Revoke spectator privileges from client 

Server cvars 
ra4_serverScript <scriptname> ( Default &quot;scripts/server.script&quot; )
	Server settings script filename to use. 

si_banlistAsWhitelist <1/0> ( Default &quot;0&quot; )
	Use the banlist as a whitelist 

ra4_serverIdentifier <servername> ( Default &quot;&quot; )
	Server identifier to use (mostly used for branding). 

Server Commands 

setArena <client> <arena> 
	Moves player to specified arena 

setTeam <client> <team> 
	Moves player to specified ACTIVE team 

arenaSetTeam <client> <team> 
	changes the arena specific team of a player 

	Creates a team in specified arena 

arenaRemoveTeam <arena> <team> 
	Removes a team from specified arena 

arenaSetPPT <arena> <player> 
	Sets players per team in the specified arena 

setSpec <client> <1/0> 
	Set the spectator status of a player 

arenaSetMode <arena> <mode> 
	Sets the arena mode: 
	Lobby = 0 
	Clan Arena = 1 
	Rocket Arena = 2 

arenaSetRounds <arena> <rounds> 
	Sets the number of rounds in the specified arena 

addGuidBan <guid> 
	Adds a GUID ban 

Other Commands

These Commands are valid for client or server console

	Lists teams in specified arena 

	Lists players in specified arena 

	Vote on the currently proposed settings 


	Patrik 'ElQueffo' Persson

Gui design:
	Daniel 'kanthal' Dahl

	Team Lead: Jamin 'Sub-Zero' Bulyk
	Vilhelm 'g0th' Flohr (gothra4map1)
	Justin 'Stormshadow' Ingels (stormra4map1)

	eX texture set by Yves Allaire (evillair) (stormra4map1)

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