Rogue Emeralds Underground Zone Video

A full conversion MOD for ID's Quake 4, allowing you to play as multiple characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Introduction...


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A full conversion MOD for ID's Quake 4, allowing you to play as multiple characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.


After the events of Sonic Heroes, Metal Sonic was dismantled due to the dangers he presented, but his programming data was saved because Robotnik saw potential in the "Chaos Data". After a while, Robotnik realised that Metal Sonic was his greatest creation, so he was reinstated into production, but the programming for free-will was removed. Thanks to this down-grade, MS could be mass produced but even with the downgrade MS still was so complex that the assembly line would require to much power for Robotnik to generate on his own. He needed the chaos emeralds. Robotnik was smart by now! He knew he couldn't get them with sonic around so he used the metal sonic he already had and used him, disguised as Tikal to steel the master emerald from knuckles. The master emerald was TOO powerful for the assembly line though and some of its energy had to be vented to the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow, who had an emerald at the time was stunned to see the mystical gem burst and reform as a larger and more powerful super emerald. The venting power from the master emerald gave so much energy that all could see it for miles around. Shadow, with his new source of power attempted to chaos control to the light but the power of the emerald was to much and the planet was engulfed in chaos blast. All survived but the 8 mystical emeralds were never seen again. With out the emeralds, Sonic was helpless to defeat Robotnik's vast array of robots, and he eventually defeated his arch-rival... and the world plunged into chaos....

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