Salute Your Host

A Quake 4 map from Happy Friar for the recent Doom3World & ViaCGA Q4 Mapping Competition. Pick up Salute Your Host and let the duelling begi...


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A Quake 4 map from Happy Friar for the recent Doom3World & ViaCGA Q4 Mapping Competition. Pick up Salute Your Host and let the duelling begin!

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Title			: Salute Your Host Quake 4 Dueling Level
Filename                :
Author                  : Stephen Howe
Email Address           : the_happy_friar <at>
Misc. Author Info       : anyone who's heard me rant knows I'm not big on &quot;pro&quot; gaming, but enjoy the level anyway.
			  Even though *I* don't enjoy &quot;pro&quot; gaming, others do & this is for them.

Comments?               : Don't do more then 1 vs 1 unless you have a mod that allows you to start with weapons.
			  The layout wasn't designed for that (it's to easy to over power the fresh spawner in 3+

Description             : Be sure to Salute your host while playing...  it's polite.  I believe I heard that line in
			  an episode of the TV show &quot;News Radio&quot; & that's why it's the title of the level, but I
			  don't remember the episode name, or if it was even mentioned in the show ever.  But hats off
			  to Jimmy James anyway!

			  This is a level set in a relatively (for Quake 4 MP levels) dark power core.  I really
			  love how the Doom 3 engine handles light & wanted to design a darker level, with shadows
			  of course.  I recommend setting r_lightdetaillevel to 0.  There's only a few (6, 7?) lights
			  in the map that are for decoration but you will have almost no performance hit with them on.
			  There should be no solid black areas at all in the level, so if there is your
			  gamma/brightness may be fubar'ed (I set mine to the default levels & I think it looks good).

Contest Info		: The logo's for VIA & D3W are in the lower floor behind the teleporters.  However, between
			  the drop point to the lower floor & the logos is a spinning power-thing.  It's instant kill
			  when touched & I can get by it ~1 in 17 tried.  Good luck!  It's worth the reward though.
			  The level is also designed so that no one player can really &quot;hog&quot; the map.  No matter where
			  you spawn a good weapon is within a few seconds travel time.  Plus, since the spawn points
			  are far enough away, even if you get fragged by a RL you should have ~120 health & a good
			  weapon before they spot you again.  This should lead to closer, slightly longer matches.  

			  I'd also like to point out that I purposely put the pickups so they are avoidable...  if
			  you're maxed on health & armor it's not exactly wise to announce your position by making
			  the pickup &quot;ching&quot; all the time.  Just walk around them to avoid them.

			  Another item to point out is the railings... they're all tall enough for you to jump on to,
			  except the ones on the lowest level around the core.  You don't really need to accidentally 
			  jump to your death there.

			  There is a hidden &quot;secret&quot; in the level too.  It deals with the core & a teleporter.  If I
			  knew that scripts would work then it would of been even cooler, but basically you can rocket
			  jump THROUGH the core in a certain spot.  Pretty cool & a fast getaway (projectiles don't
			  travel through so it's safe).

			  This level was tested on an AMD 64 3000, ATI AIW 9600, 1gb DDR 3200, with 20gb free on the HD
			  & a 3gb perminate swap file on a physically separate drive.  I used SABOTa8 with 4 bots 
			  (all that were included) & at medium settings, 1024x768, no AA, HQFX off, shadows, bump, spec
			  on & V-Sync enabled, NEVER dropped below 30fps.  With 1 vs 1 it was almost always around 60.
			  Odds are you will have better performance.

			  Finlay...  yes dear &quot;pro&quot; gamer, there IS a Quad damage in the level.  Honestly, what's
			  a Quake level w/o a Quade damage?  It's a level like any other game, that's what!  Deal
			  with it!  Besides, odds are the quadder will only get 1 shot though.


* Play Information *

Level Name	        : Salute Your Host
Single Player           : Yes (it has an SP start & supports SABOTa8, AAS included)
Deathmatch 		: Yes (I recommend 1 vs 1 only, that's how the weapon placement was laid out)
New Sounds              : No
New Music               : No
New Graphics		: Yes (along with the require VIA & D3W logos, a few customized textures)
New C++			: No
New Script/DEF		: No
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch.  Started from a few balls drawn on paper.
Editor(s) used          : the built in map editor in D3, notepad, Photoshop
Known Bugs              : I wouldn't say bug, but sometimes, very VERY rarely you can get hung up while falling down
			  next to the core.  However, I believe I solved this as it hasn't happened in a few days.
			  Also, sometimes, & I mean very very very very rarely (more rare then ever getting hung up)
			  the power core lights on the top floor go in to a strobe light effects.  That's not part of
			  the shader so I honestly don't know how to fix it or why it does it.  I've only seen it do
			  it twice, ever.  


Unzip the .zip file to your Quake 4 base folder (q4base).  Then run it from a server!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this mod/level(s) as a base to build additional
levels.  If you want to use something from this, ask.

You MAY distribute this ZIP, provided you include all the original files, with no modifications.  You may distribute this file online only.  For distribution on a CD/DVD/other physical media, please e-mail me & ask.

This map was originally designed for the VIA/Doom 3 World mapping competition.

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