Serrated Edge

This map is a remake of The Edge (q2dm1) in Quake2 with all its fame and glory. All the items and geometry are right where they all belong....


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This map is a remake of The Edge (q2dm1) in Quake2 with all its fame and glory. All the items and geometry are right where they all belong. A download for all Quake 2 fans.

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My friends and I all feel that The Edge (q2dm1) in Quake2 was the best multiplayer map ever. When Doom3 came out, I recreated it from scratch. All of the geometry was done and all of the weapons/ammo were placed, but I hadn't yet started on the texturing or lighting (except one giant ambient light). It played great during testing, the scale was perfect compared to the original; except it just wasn't the same without the railgun. I knew Quake4 would be coming out soon, so I put it aside and figured I would finish it when Quake4 came out.

When I bought Quake4 and browsed through the list of multiplayer maps, I was excited to see a remake of The Edge. However, after playing it, some of the changes they made to the map bordered on blastphemy Razz . So, I decided to restore it to its original glory. I also tweaked some of the item placements, to either match the original, or to something that seemed to fit better than the Q4 version.

I originally created this for personal use, for myself and my friends, but I thought that maybe others may feel the same way I do and would like to play it. So before anyone says "Lame! You didn't create a map, you just edited one of Raven's", just keep that in mind.

I also want to point out, that not everything has been changed back to the way it was originally. There is no water in Quake4, so I couldn't add that part back in. Plus, the change made to the placement of the railgun keeps the gameplay flowing faster, so I decided to keep that part in, although somewhat altered a bit. Instead of being trapped up there when going for the railgun, I opened it up on either side to drop down to the ledge below.


Place the serrated_edge.pk4 file into the Quake4\q4base folder.  That's it!  The map will now show up in the list when creating a server.

This map is supported by the DM, Team DM, and Tourney deathmatch modes.


You can email me at "h4rdc0d3 AT gmail DOT com" with any questions/comments/suggestions/etc.

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